Broken xBox One & Forza

Hi, I had my xBox One burn out an internal component and sent in in for repair. As I now only have access to my childs xBox 360. I bought a brand new Forza Motorsports 3 Platinum Hits! I’m very sad that the special unused codes didn’t work for the VIP status and the other bonuses?! I really wish that I could get some help from Turn 10 on this!!!
I also at this time have no access to my Forza Hub!

Think you should contact who you bought it off

You should be able to access the forza hub from a pc

Unless you haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 :wink:

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Ive been playing the Forza 3 single player cause its better than 6 and theres cars in there that arent in Forza games anymore that I want to use. Still a very good game all these years later. Holds up quite well.

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Oddly enough, my Xbox one (forza edition) burned up last week as well, since coming back to 360, I have been playing 3 and 4 a lot. Playing these classics reminds me why I fell in love in the first place. I found it sad the 3 has better physics than 6. And that realtime nsx!! Somehow I’ve been in no hurry at all to get the Xbox one fixed. I really don’t miss any of the games. The controller even feels better and stronger for the 360, the only thing missing is the graphics. Lol. I check the forums to see what I’m missing in H3 forzathons, but that game is horrible so missing the same cars I can drive in 3, 4, and even 5, and 6 doesn’t really bother me at all.

I can say that if T10 decided to re do this game leaving everything alone but revamping the graphics, I would buy it for the Xbox one and might even get it fixed. Hehehe

People have been having problems with Forza 3 for a long time now, the servers are not really attended for a start and broke all the time. Turn 10 aren’t that interested in keeping them too healthy, unsurprising I guess with the age of the game but understandably disappointing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a related issue.

Just out of general curiosity, how’d you damage your console? Was there a voltage surge or too much heat build up/inadequate ventilation? I ask because One consoles are generally very reliable no matter which build you buy.