Broken tune stats

Has anyone else noticed that (for example) the top speed stat is broken?

For example let’s say you’re tuning downforce on your rear wing. You lower it by 2 and get a gain of say 4mph. Then you raise it by 2 and it goes back to the same as before, say 200 mph. Then you raise it by 2 ticks again and this time it’s still 200 mph, then lower by 2 ticks and it’s 201 mph when it should be 200. Or in the opposite direction you gain 6mph instead of 4.

The same for diff tuning. Say you’re using AWD and at 65% your top speed is 200mph. Then you raise it to 70% and it’s still 200mph but then you lower it by 1 tick let it calculate stats then raise it by 1 back to 70% and now your top speed is 203mph.

I’ve noticed that kind of thing with multiple stats including final drive ratio. On the same setting you can gain a couple mph by moving the ratio by a couple numbers in either direction and then back to where it was before.

It’s weird and I never saw it happen in the absurd number of hours I played every other Forza.

yea i seen it, the benchmark is a little inconsistent.

I get the same thing with braking distance.

I have noticed some of the tune settings as well, for example, you see the counter go, 28, 29, 29, 31 when making adjustments.