Broken game

I have played every Forza Motorsport game. Long time player. Never has a game been so broken and frustrating in order to finish off a season. I am trying to finish off the Forzathon weekly challenge for the second time. Yes I have done owning the vehicle I have also done get the 9 starts I have also done the 3 races. I have done 130km in the 160.9km however today I have to do it all over again every thing else is good. Between the steps I have changed car so the game did save, yet I have to do it over again. Please fix this game.

Try the save method I posted in the following thread. It’s the only way that works 100% for me on X1X: Festival Playlist - Forza Horizon 5 Discussion - Forza Motorsport Forums

I did that. Sorry mate I have the same issue again. I have to do it again.