Bring older Forza Motorsport games to Xbox one

I would like Turn 10 Studios to make a game with all the cas and tracks from Forza Motorsport 1 to 4 including downloadable content and unicorns. Please Turn 10 bring back clubs and storefronts. I am not buying Forza seven if there is no more clubs and storefront!

I would LOVE to see this happening on Xbox One - all three FM games being available via games with Gold. They can make it happen, but they are probably holding back due to licensing issues and whatnot. Plus, I don’t think they want to see people diverting attention away from the current gen Horizon 3 and upcoming Forza 7. But man, it will make my day to see the X360 Forzas being available via backward comparability.

Remastered versions for the X1 are also welcome!

License issues is what is preventing this from happening.

"A fan asked Spencer on Twitter if every first-party Xbox 360 game could be backwards compatible on Xbox One. The fan specifically named the Forza and Fable games as his top choices.
Spencer replied with: “Some games, racing is most difficult, can have licensing issues (songs, logos etc) but we want to support BC completely.”

Best thing to do is to not get rid of your Xbox 360 if you want to play these games. I kept mine and Forza 1 from the original Xbox works although not very well on the 360. Don’t ask me why no license issue there or with H1 but that’s what MS has said on the issue

I believe Turn 10 can make a new game for Xbox one that has the cars from Forza 1 to Forza 4. Forza 6 as some cars that are in Forza 4. I miss the storefront and clubs! I’m sure Turn 10 can bring those features back. I’m feeling like older games are better than new games now. The problem with DLC being at end of life is if you have a Forza 4 game save on a flashdrive with DLC cars and put it in another Xbox360 that is not the Xbox 360 you bought the DLC on you cannot use the DLC cars until you put the flash drive back into Xbox 360 which you bought the DLC on. I got to hope the Xbox 360 that allows me to play with the DLC cars never gets damaged or lost. This problem is another reason why I want a game for Xbox one that has all the cars and tracks that Forza 4 has.