Bring back the Simulation League!

Every single day here you see people complaining of wreckers and trolls. One of the easiest solutions would be to give us a dedicated Sim League. To this day, I have not experienced more consistent excellent racing than in the S-class sim league from way back. It was perfect:

  1. Neutralized the trolls. They can only blast into someone once before their car is destroyed and unable to mess with anyone else
  2. Neutralized the dirty drivers. People who know somewhat how to race but still used their nose or purposely knocked you off the track while overtaking couldn’t do so in this league without jeopardizing the rest of their race.
  3. Added a huge strategy component. One of my favorite memories of this league was racing on Rio (imagine that!) when pretty much everybody wrecked halfway through the first lap. We all then had the choice of limping around with our damage or coming in to get it fixed. A few cars decided to stay out, while everyone else and I pitted. I ended up finishing 2nd. It was awesome to see. Also fun to see people gamble with cars with bad gas mileage and running out on the last lap.

The sim league was amazing. It was the cleanest racing I’ve experienced on this game, and I know that serious drivers in the community would flock to it. If not a dedicated, weekly league, please at least give it a chance as a one-off. It’s been so long…


Don’t really see this happening in Forza 6, since Turn 10 is presumably working on upcoming car packs and Forza Horizon 3 more than anything right now. You can only hope for this feature in Forza Motorsport 7 though.

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It’s not a feature though. They release new leagues every week, and it would be nothing to switch simulation damage on as an option, especially considering they’ve already done it.



Personally, I think all Elite and Pinnacle Leagues (non-Ghost) should have Simulation Damage enabled. If you’re talented enough to get into the higher Divisions, you should be competent enough to drive without destroying your car :slight_smile:


Why only the higher ones? It’s lame. They should just add one of each in every league devision :

  • one ghost
  • one normal
  • one simulation

It kinda makes a lot of sense if you think about it.



I would prefer it if they just changed the normal league to simulation at least for pinnacle anyway. Quite often rooms in the pinnacle league are barely half full by mid week, having three leagues will spread the player base even thinner.

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As evidenced by the last week of League action. Granted, Can-Am Connection was mega busy because of the prize car, but the other 2 Leagues were pretty much dead as a result. I wasn’t able to get a single SpoCom race in as every room I joined had only 2 people (I prefer to race against at least 10).

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I found rooms with 10+ on average in Spocom most of the time. I was surprised you said can am was mega busy as both leagues had a measly 1000+ participants. I guess the few that were racing were doing a lot of it though.
I would also love a permanent sim league, would make up for the lack of monthly rivals!

I fully agree, I’m only in professional league so I didn’t even experience it, but I assume it must be really great. :frowning:

Sim league + longer laps so that you need to pitstop at least once. That would be superb and a totally new Forza multiplayer experience!


I agree. It would solve a lot of the problems. Unfortunately I missed it the first time round. Hopefully they being it back.

Come on turn 10 please. Multiplayer is unbearable for clean racers. Even us slow ones.

I missed out on the last one which I’m regretting since everyone says it was great. I thought it would be a disaster but it wasn’t. Bring it back and keep it A or S class which feels like the sweet spot for most people.

Dear turn 10 can we please have a league with simulation damage.
So many people are tired of being hit by people and they just drive off.
I understand your solution for this is ghost leagues however it just doesn’t feel like i’m playing a simulation race game.
Right now leagues are often just bumper cars.

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I’ve been lurking these forums for a couple of years. This is the first time I’ve felt a strong desire to post. Please T10, give us some sim leagues/lobbies !

Agreed with OP, bring it back! The simulation league of old was excellent, more laps, more skill required to get on the podium and more realistic.

If I was going to put up another Sim League… What class would be preferred? Last time it was S I believe. I had a lot of requests for an R Class Sim League.


I kind of wish there was an ongoing dedicated modern GT league (like that long running endurance GT hopper from FM5). I primarily like to race the GT3 cars which unlike FM5, come in well under the R900 cap (expect the Aston) so a dedicated sim damage R class league restricted to modern GT3 cars would be fantastic! (I would prefer a long running league or hopper restricted to GT3 cars though.)

While there are many modern GT cars, the McLarens, Mercedes, Audi, and Bentley are the only GT3’s. The Z4’s, M3, 458’s, Vipers, and Corvette are GT2’s/GTE’s (old and new names), the Aston is a GT1, GTR is GT500, and the Gallardos and Maserati are raced in there own spec series.

B,A,S or R I didn’t participate in the last Sim league so anything will work for me. Class A would be my comfort level but R class would be just fine too.