Bring back the option to choose the max number of opponents. (Video settings)

Before the latest patch, we could set the max number of opponents in the graphics settings (If you scrolled down to the bottom you could see the option) but now, that option is tied to the “dynamic render quality”. Personally the game forces me to run at “medium” but before this patch, I could perfectly run the game at 60 FPS with 23 opponents, now I have to race against 15. We are talking about 8 less opponents. I loved the feel of “massiveness” that 20ish cars give you while racing at night or rain, specially if you are doing “resistance” races with LMPs and GTs. So please, unlock that setting for those who desire a higher number of opponents.

I think it’s universally reduced to 15 because I have my render quality set to ‘custom’ and everything set to max (except MSAA, which is 4x).
That said, I would like the ability to put 24 cars on track again. I did notice some performance issues on some tracks with that many cars though. They were usually in areas that lower cars counts had issue with as well, but like you, having more cars to weave through is better when doing long endurance runs with mixed classes.