Bring BACK long races to Multiplayer! It was the most interesting part!

In most of the races we have a lap time about 1 min and 3 laps, 1 lap is most of the time is trying to get away from crashes and people who ram in your rear bumper, 2 lap is resetting the grid and only on 3 lap it starts to look like proper racing and then - finish. When we suppose to race??? Collosus, Goliath, Marathon - they were a breath of fresh air - a hope for fair competition except rivals and this hope is killed. Why? Or make longer races, with at least twice as much laps! Average lap should be as long as Suzuka track or some real tracks and around the same lap time. But almost every track in Horizon is like Brands Hatch long.
What’s the point in racing game if there is no real racing? You cut the class and race type selection and we need to start and quit at least 5 times to get to the race we want, now you killed the racing on a long tracks. 3 step is to make a physics like in NFS games and kill the Horizon series completely.
The game has a lot of bugs but we trying to find positive things and you removing it.
And for a month you can’t enable terrain deformation on AMD cards even all moder xbox consoles runs on AMD GPU! What’s wrong???


You can’t please everyone. I would imagine most people will be glad of the long tracks’ removal. Also cutting races to 3 was a good move, bringing it in line with FH4. I’m more likely to play it now as I know it won’t take so long.

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With all respect to you, this is obviously wrong.
I would liken the design here to a Restaurant refusing to let you choose the meal you like but instead force you to eat randomly what they decide to serve you. To make things worse, based on uneven likeabilities, speaking in analogies:

  • A Steak House/A street racing game with custom traffic cars - Serving you mostly Fish dishes/Cross Country races
  • Not offering Potatoes or Fries/not offering D- or C-Class racing or long tracks
  • Refusing to let you to choose from menue/Refusing to let you choose racetype or at least let the lobby vote for class/racetype as you could f.i. in FH1 custom lobby

Thats the opposite of freedom, much more like communist economy knowing better than you what is good for the Individual

And the solution would be easy: Open it for customer defined lobbies open to browse for everyone and to administer by a lobby host.
But this seems to fit in to the nowadays Forza World like free voting did in Stalinist regimes.

It might suit your preferences but still excludes all Individuals with different desires. That’s a bit a small basis to say it’s good like that. Next Forza-Dictator might decide to switch to D- to A-Class streetraces only, and only on Goliath-lenght tracks. I would be pleased. System would be same. Would you still be happy with it and counter critics with “You can’t please everyone”? Or would you then diacover the value of freedom of choice?

That’s what made me quit racing FH4 online finally, since it nearly never worked properly. The ratio between racing time and endless waiting times between races went to 80% waiting for quick travel or wotever else and 20% racing time in good days, and much worse on frequent malfunctioning days. 2 Hours in Onlineracing with a netracetime of maybe 10-15 Minutes was just a waste of lifetime.

And since we all can see FH5 is same code like FH4 wich they proved not beeing able to set up and maintain working properly without just swapping bugsets for bugsets with updates and “hotfixes”…that is a horrible outlook. It just means FH finally will be no “Racinggame” anymore, but a theme parc for cars, with an alibi-onlineracing-entry in the menue.
I’d say it already is, but major public didn’t realize yet. That’s what I call hybrid product-Image.

Well, it would be possible to please everyone by giving people options rather than trying to fit all multiplayer racing under one tab. It would be easy enough to have a custom option to include the longer races.


Could not agree more.
WE NEED MORE Options, Choices for players, instead of “guessing” and “trying” by erradiaclly removing classes, races, adding races, shortening races, extending races, etc. This will never make all happy."

Finally give players the OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM and everbody will be happy.
No need to make some players unhappy by trying to make some other players happy.
Fix Game Design,


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I don’t do much online but, when I do, I don’t mind long events etc as I have the time to do them. However, some people like to dive in quickly to do one Horizon Open when they have 20 minutes spare… Goliath adds a lot of time to the event so a lot of people can’t do it due to time constraints.

I don’t like that they have removed it…I do, however, understand why they have

I think they should have a similar style of matchmaking they have for Trials and co-op racing where every two minutes another tournament starts, and players could choose if they want to wait for this or quick matchmake into anything that is open which could result in waiting for a event to complete.

Bring back 5 race lobbies!!!

Wait they got rid of all of them? I thought it was just the goliath.

I am 100% with you though, major disappointment. Those were the best races. For the people saying some might not “have time”, it tells you the races before you start the championship, they can quit. That’s a pretty weak excuse anyways. A battlefield match takes 30-40 minutes, some warzone games take that long. So what, we can’t have a championship take a half hour??? They reduced it to 3 races now too, and took out the long races.

So now we’ll spend about 5 minutes racing and ten minutes loading.

It does kinda suck that the races are so short. I think 5 laps would make a much better race as it gives time for actually racing but is not to long. As for the long tracks, I miss them too. :frowning:

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In my experience there generally isn’t much of a lead change during online ranked races so adding more laps or longer laps isn’t necessary imo as it just drags the inevitable out even longer.

Were they to introduce ranked races however then I wouldnt mind trying ideas like this to see if they are better or worse. I could see the pros of say 5 laps opposed to 3 or longer courses.

Unfortunately there’s no news around the reintroduction of ranked races so not much more to say at this point apart from rip