Bring back Auction House for Forza Rewards

Either remove the need for the reward on Forza 2 or bring back the auction house to allow us to reach maximum points. I bought F2 for this reason and have been going back through F3,F4 and FH to complete them all to get max points.

I’m sure I’m not the only one here that wants this


Even though I never did own Forza 2, it seems like a reasonable request to remove the reward from the Rewards website.

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Question is will they even read this to acknowledge the issue.

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I am also going for max reward points, so I bought forza 2 and I find it upsetting that I wont be able to because of no auction house. Turn 10 please remedy this!

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The auction house will never come back on fm2 may it rest in peace as it was by far the best of any forza auction much better than fm3/4


I’m with you on this. I bought FM2 quite early, but I’m no achievement hunter… That is, until they released the awards program and by then it was already too late (at least when I got around to FM2). I don’t think it’s fair that you’re supposed to get an achievement that’s unobtainable. However, I seriously doubt they’re still checking this forum so maybe we need to e-mail them or something.

Edit: Found something really strange a couple of minutes ago. I’m able to enter the Auction House (although there are no cars for sale). I’m also able to put up cars on the AH. However, my money disappear (the fee) and the cars disappear from my garage, but I can’t see them in the “My Auctions” tab.

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The only, and simple, reason that Turn 10 won’t bring back the Auction House on Forza 2 is that the servers are down and that the team judges that people should have already gotten that achievement. For me, I would appreciate that they bring back the Auction House, but, since the servers are down, and because the Auction House was part of it, it will NOT come back.

Though, on the old Forums (legacy), a guy created a thread to bring back the servers for a week.
The only online features still available are leaderborads, online racing, and something else that I forgot. It’s sadly not the Auction House.

For the other people, it’s too late! (For me too).

Please Turn10 bring back the auction house, even for one week or a few days ! It’s my last achievement for 112 games !

wonder what the price of a server is?

Aside from the server itself - the maintenance is scary expensive too, and there is no way to justify it for T10. A lot money for literally no return and they have other things to work on (FM3, FM4, FH and FM5 are out already and FH2 should be on the way later this year).

Did you see all those left over computers from coding forza 5, in the interview and tour that Darin from Inside Sim Racing did. You would think that one of them would make a pretty good auction house server for Forza 2.

There’s a simple fix for this problem:

1000G => 500 points (situation now)
800G => 500points (situation solved)

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I’m tired so I don’t understand. I feel so stupid. But when you are tired, you… Is that the situation?
From what I understand, no. Hope it is the case! It’s like counting points for Forza 1.

I checked it. Having 500G, gave me 250 points in the rewards.

Its a reward for people who played Forza previously and played Forza through the years, if you didn’t get them when the AH was available then Im almost certain you’ve missed the boat. FM2s Auction house is a thing of the past.