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Hi folks,

I’ve been involved in Forza games since I got an XBox One in the summer of 2015 and bought FH2 in anticipation of FM6. I haven’t really been much into photography myself but I always did enjoy those lovely photo’s posted in the Turn 10 news posts. Now with FH3 and it’s beautiful scenery I felt a growing urge to give in-game photography a try myself. When I saw Helios’ post of the “all cars” project I figured I might as well give it a try and guess what, I got selected. :smiley:

"all cars" what-got-me-selected photo’s

These were the 3 photos I submitted and those got me selected for the project. I picked the 2013 Ford Focus ST since I own a 2014 Ford Focus Titanium myself and it’s what comes closest to my own real life car. :slight_smile: Sadly when I got to pick my 10 cars for the project itself the Focus ST was already taken so I settled for the 2003 Focus RS instead. I’ve driven a 2001 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi as well so it resembles that a bit. :slight_smile:

In retrospect I personally really dislike the first one. The second one is my favorite one since the warm colors of the sand and the sun going down match the colour of the car very nice.
What I was also surprised about is how the same car colour can look so different just depending on the daylight. Anyway, job done since it got me selected! :slight_smile:

"all cars" my 10 submissions

By the time I started taking my first photos for the project I didn’t even know what aperture was. :slight_smile: I started chatting with Steve Rcgers about in-game photography and learned along the way how it could be used. Once I was done with all 10 photos a part of me wanted to go back to redo those early ones, but a part of me also liked the charm of keeping that very first photo with my basic knowledge at the time. :slight_smile:

So here they are, all 10 linked in the order I took the screenshots in game so the learning curve is improving with each photo.
=> I wanted a racing action shot of the 24h of Le Mans with this car so bad, even drove that Ford GT in a race with the 458 Italia GTE in the background crossing the finish line of a circuit race. But since my photography skills were so basic I couldn’t get it right so it got cut. That racing action shot can be found here.
=> This just came out of nowhere after failing to be able to take a proper “glitter and glamour” shot with the Huayra in Surfer’s Paradise. I still had no idea what aperture was or I would have given a little of it to the trees. But I was so happy with this shot, really got me excited to continu with the project. Named the file Palmani Huayra. :slight_smile:
=> Aperture skills coming in. I had no clue what to do with this car so at some point just paused driving around and panned the photo camera around and bam, this was good enough. Also like the fact that its not the best weather since I didn’t want 10 pretty sunshine pictures either.
=> Pretty glad with this one too but in retrospect I regret doing that much aperture, a little less would have been better IMO but it always looks different on a PC than on my XBox and TV.
=> This car was a nightmare, wanted to do my glitter and glamour in SP with this one then but again didn’t find a good spot or shot. Drove around all night in-game until it started to get a little bit lighter. This shot was actually taken when it was still quite dark but I cranked the intensity all the way up to 100 to get this effect. Kinda like it, as a bit of a surreal atmosphere.
=> My “let’s park a car on a driveway” submission. :slight_smile: Not sure this Fiat 8V is the perfect car for it but it’s one of my favorite classics and I wouldn’t know what else to do with it.
=> This one I liked a lot as well, came close to my Huayra as my favorite shot so far. Forgot to reset cosmetic damage so I had to redo it all over again a few days later.
=> Some cars you spend hours with, some minutes. This was one of the minute cars. Teleport to the suburbs of SP, zoom in a bit, take a shot and done. Didn’t even care to wait for the rain to clear but in retrospect I kinda like it this way, it’s my only rain theme of the bunch.
=> This one was a bugger to get right. I spent so much time getting a shot near the shipwrecks but something did not feel right about it so I redid it completely. The old one can be found here.
=> Another one of my all-time favorite classic cars from back in the days of GT5/GT6. I actually wanted to do a rally photo with it and first settled with this but even though I liked the headlights in the dust from the car behind me, it didn’t feel right. That was also the second car I photographed so with the improved skills I felt like I had to redo it. Ended up with a still shot instead of rally action and I kinda like it. This is the last photo I took but also the first one where I really started to play around with colour, brightness and contrast. Had to wait until it was late afternoon time in-game since that area looks completely different at noon.

So, which of the photos do you guys like the most? I think my favorite one is still the Huayra even though I knew little about photography at that time. The simplicity of the photo and the exotic feel I like a lot. If I had to pick my favorite 3 photo’s it would be the Huayra, the Alpine and the Charger Daytona, in that order.

Halloween contest
In between the “all cars” project I also took 3 photo’s for the Halloween contest of which the following was my favorite one. Playing a bit of simple tricks with the camera angle and you get a HUGE spider on that tree! :wink:

a couple more photos I want to share:
=> One of my first ever photos in FH3, I think this was day two of early access release day when coming back from the Toyota Land Cruiser barn find. Was so in awe with the lighting and beauty of the game I wanted to take this far screenshot with a lot of sky on it and just a little bit of car.
=> Took this one near the end of the “all cars” project, one of my favorite cars in game with that livery and body kit.
=> More focus on skies, with a bit of drifting added :slight_smile:
=> Just sometimes you want to take a shot of whatever car you are driving at the time and wherever you are driving it. This was the result of that. :slight_smile: But it got me inspired to redo the Alpine on the wooden bridge near the waterfall a few days later.
=> This one is just from today, just something that came up when I was driving around.

Welcome to the forzatography section! Nice seeing you around here too.
Still love the Huayra and I would actually encourage you to go up that spot again to try and see what you’re capable of achieving now that you gained more knowledge.
That focus is still nice too. Hate the car but you took a great shot!
And the BMW is just awesome. Great lighting, colour and speed!

I’m curious to see what you can come up with next. If you end up returning here once in a while that is :wink:

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Also is that a spider? :open_mouth:

I have to say the Ford GT40 and the Alpine are the best shots of them all. Or at least the ones that I liked the most. Its the lighting in both of them I think you captured the right time of day lighting for them.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

@Steve - Yes indeed, I should give that Huayra another try but not just yet, still learning a lot of stuff so maybe in a few months or so. :slight_smile: And yeah that BMW is also one of my favorites.
@Korniis - That spider is a trick with the camera and the tree. :slight_smile: It is in fact not a spider but a branch of the tree on the opposite site, I positioned myself in such a way that the opposing branch looked like a spider. :slight_smile: Sadly it didn’t make the Halloween news page even though I think it was quite an original find and a shot certainly good enough to make that news post. Aah well…
@Brokenvegetable - Yes fully agree on the Alpine for the lighting. Waited all afternoon so the sun dropped behind the trees and the tree shade started to cover the bridge. Totally different atmosphere than in bright sunny daylight. As for the Ford GT40 it doesn’t really stand out for me but I was satisfied with the shot anyway. :slight_smile:

Will try to get some more photo’s done next weekend. With the liberty of having access to all cars instead of just the 10 I picked for the All Cars project I might come up with some interesting ideas.

Great shot! I also really like the Daytona shot, and that “spider” photo is really unique!

I would recommend uploading your photos to Flickr and hosting them from there so they don’t disappear when you unshare them in-game.


Yeah thanks for the Flickr suggestion Nights Viper. For now I think I will manage with just linking from the in-game directory but I can see myself changing to Dropbox probably as I use that already. How many photo’s can you save/share in-game?

Here are the latest 2 additions, seems I’ve been in a yellow retro hot hatch mood lately. :slight_smile:

2007 Ferrari F430 Scuderia

You have really lovely shots here.

Up until l entered this thread you also had me fooled the game has spiders! Saw that shot in the Halloween thread back in October.

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HOLY COW !!! That Ferrari is amazing!!!

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Interesting location on that Ferrari shot! Very creative.

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Love it!

After seeing this shot it makes me want to see a whole update featuring only scenery shots.

Nice setting in the Ferrari shot!