Breakout Cup - Mercedes Truck Race - No option to rent?

When I go to the Breakout Cup - Mercedes Truck Race, I don’t get the option to rent the truck. I only have the option to buy it’s. It’s 200,000 CR and something I don’t care to own. Is this a bug?

At least it’s only 200k. I had to pony up 1.5M for that bloody Renault F1.

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I was able to snag one off the AH for 900k credits.

But the Renault F1 is the fastest car in the game with proper tune and getting used to it. It’s by far the best car for Unlimited Virus Tag. Also payng more than 1 million for it is a bad bid.
You can’t rent cars for the career you need to own them.

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It’s a horrible car that’s absolutely no fun to drive. And the few that were on auction when I checked were all over a million minimum so I just bought it from the store. I did the one career series that required it, and I’ll likely never touch it again.

Didn’t the Mercedes truck have a Showdown where you could get it for free?

It was the introduction for career and that didn’t count.

I think the truck shows up as a level up reward but I don’t remember what level. I skipped that series until I earned the truck.