Breaking technique without ABS

Hi guys,

I have switched from FM4 to FM5 a couple of days ago. I feel a big difference when breaking without ABS. The wheels are locking up faster even when playing around with the brake settings. Is it just me or do you have any tips? I use a controller and shift manually with clutch.

I don’t use ABS, and the secret is setting up your braking bias and overall strength so as to minimize stopping distance (in the little tuning window).

Pull the trigger until the wheels lock, then let off slightly. Same as before, it just changes quicker now. Also, if you hear or feel screeching, you need to re-settle the brakes/tires because one or all have locked or are locking. Hope that helps.

thanks for your answer. I was aware of that theory and I found out that I needed to adapt to the new fm5 physics. my left trigger finger was just not sensible enough. :wink: lol. but I sort of got it now.