Braziliam cars

Good evening, I come here to sujerir to the developers, Brazilian cars, are models that we like a lot around here, and it would be great to have these cars to use in forza, I know that most of those I will quote have little power, but honestly , Who cares does not care about it, It was never about just running, And Yes about the connection between man and machine, About sensations, and that is what we, Brazilians, want to feel, having cars worshiped here in the forza,

Fist car is the GOL GTS,
Gol GTS was a sports car that opened the doors to this type of market here in Brazil

Opala SS
The Opala SS, was a sports car based on the Opel Commodore, A great car here in Brazil, with a wonderful history

VW Brasilia
Brasilia, was a car derived from the Beetle, shared all mechanics and part of the electric, Being loved not only in Brazil, but also in much of Latin America!

Chevrolet Chevette
The Chevette was a compact sedan based on the Opel Kaddet C, is a car very cultured in Brazil, and many usanos in the scenario of drift of the country, since the famous cars in other countries for this type of modality, it is impossible to have, and it becomes really difficult to have one


Fiat Uno
The Fiat Uno was a car based on the Fiat Panda, but a little better, the fastest car meme in Brazil,
and a car that equals the Beetle in simplicity and reliability!

The Puma brand was a great success in Brazil in the 70s and 80s, as a national sport, using VW mechanics and fiberglass bodywork,

They are simple cars, But that make our joy, They came to us during the military dictatorship, And In that period, imports were prohibited, limiting us to the national market of the time!,
Please help us to have our exencia in this game, If the turn10 wants to put these cars,
and If necessary, I volunteer to turn10, with no financial return, go behind these cars so that they are studied, and added in the game

I am all for seeing cars from different countries but from the cars you have listed most of them aren’t actually Brazilian cars as such they are reproductions of popular old European models. The Fiat UNO for instance was actually sold widely in UK and EU in the 80’s and 90’s. and the one in your link is identical to the European model. The Chevette was what the Opel Kadett was called in the UK in the 1970’s and 1980’s. It was virtually identical to the picture in your link apart from the headlights and grill. A lot of European car production was moved to Latin America during the early 1990’s to take advantage of cheap production costs and non existent labour laws.

I suppose the point is that from the cars you have listed these cars or very similar cars have existed in other markets for a long long time and I am sure the developers are already aware of them. I would like to know about cars which are completely unique to South America I.e. one that do not exist in other markets. That might be a selling point for the developers.


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