Brands Hatch Career race in the rain

Did anyone do this race yet? I finished the A class race. I am on very hard drivatar level, which I recently bumped up to make the game easier ironically.

That was one of the most difficult, frustrating race I’ve ever done.
The Drivatars are so unpredictable, I now understand what everyone is saying, no need to repeat all of it here. You all are absolutely right about the Drivatars… and the exgagerrated slipperiness overall.

I had to restart so many times, until I was screaming out loud at the AI, “MOVE” “What are you doing”, ARGH are you SERIOUS"
After awhile, I have to say that it wasn’t fun. I do not think I like the rain. And we cannot skip these races, I believe.

Anyways, if you find yourself in this predicament, take your time. Just drive slowly and easy. Brake early, if you have to scrap AI in the mud, do it. If you’re in 5th, 6th place by the last lap, keep going. Someone will mess up and you should get 3rd. But mainly, DO NOT force this race. Do not throw your controllers, and keep a few napkins around for your palms and forehead. Lastly, Do not use the SLK. LOL

Brands in the rain is a nightmare. You cannot go an inch off track. One tip is to stay tight after Druids hairpin otherwise the puddle/river will just chuck you off. In my experiences, many humans and AI struggled with Brands in the wet

I haven’t had too much trouble with it…after the first dozen or so restarts…lol. Mainly the trick seems to be to try and keep as smooth as possible with braking and acceleration. What I have found super amusing with the rain and night conditions is the slipperiness and yet the Bernese Alps track is as sticky as can be and yet should be the ‘coldest’ track and be just as slippery as a night track when ‘cooler temps cause tires to have less grip’ What nonsense. The rain is a nice 1st attempt. Project Cars does it better with varying rain from light drizzle to harsh rain and back.

It’s not very realistic to have zero puddles when it’s harsh rain which PC does not…

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It’s a nice attempt, but the conditions impact on the vehicle could have been toned down. Who would race on that track? It would be a disaster, and also a free for all.

But haha I agree, you can’t go an inch off track. If that happens, just restart LOL. A tiny fraction of the wheel off of the road… nothings stopping you.

Also, if you’re appraching a puddle, make sure you are pointed straight! The puddles done right are your opportunities to pass a group of cars.

Oh man, I just hit this race and I selected muscle cars for this race group. I’m in for some “fun”

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Use rewind when you are surrounded by drivatars and worse still, on a flooded, not merely wet, track.

Life is too short, time is too valuable to waste on avoidable frustrations like this. The reward for overcoming this is not enough to justify the time wasted by having rewind off.

I did the same race in D class (I picked muscle cars) and had no trouble. Got to the front of the pack early in the second lap, set some pretty competitive times. Perhaps the awesomeness of the XB Falcon allows it to defy physics.

i’ve rage-quit a couple of times on this track

loving it :slight_smile:

this is the only track I have been tempted to use the boost card spectre on. just so the AI wont matter

It would help if you had full wet tires for what I have seen the rain tires look like intermediates.

The trick I’ve found with the wet races is just be as smooth as you can, be patient & most of all have fun get the cars sideways every now & again.

You will pick up plenty of positions just by putting a little bit pressure on the drivatars till they fall off the track.

I just had the best race I think I’ve ever had in forza running around the Nurburgring GP track in the wet driving a Koenigsegg Agera without assists against pro drivatars.
I’ve shared the replay if you want to have a look just watch out for the 2 drivatars that go off the track at about turn 5 then proceed to slide across the grass out of control only to re-enter the tack at the middle of the next corner taking out the two cars in front of me.


I would like to have a look and you’ve shared it where?

After 82 laps in the rain Sebring is not that bad…

Sorry It’s shared in the game you will have to got to the far right in the main menu to forza tv then in there you can search for my gamertag HelluvaStingray or search agera rain in the description & it should come up.


Shame that means I’ll have to wait until I get home after work… which is not that bad today as early finish day today…

Drivatars are terrible on the 'Ring GP I found from a race in one of the lower volumes. In fact, all tracks with corners that were frequently cut in FM5 have terrible drivatars because the drivatars seem to have learned that track from FM5 as the baseline and still try to cut the corners and hit walls. The chicane at the end of the back straight at the Ring GP really screwed up the drivatars. They would either hit the wall or end up in the grass on the left after the chicane. In the case of the later they would come back on track at the last turn and crash into the pitwall! Hilarious.

I ended up having to boost the crap out of my car and drop the difficulty level to beat that race. Absolute nightmare! Brands Hatch and Sebring are awful in the rain. Way too much standing water for race conditions.

Yeah, I didn’t find Sebring in the wet too bad at all. Too many people who play this game have no fine throttle or brake control, which causes way more issues than the wet alone.
I used to have similar issues when I first went to cockpit only view, but as with anything, a bit of practice and you’ll be much better. The game’s been out for a couple of weeks and people expect to be instant experts. If you want that, go Need for Speed playing. If you want something more nuanced like Forza, then expect to work for it.
If you’re really having issues, use assists. ABS and TCS will stop braking and accelerating too hard. That may alleviate most of your wet issues. :slight_smile:

TCS is so intrusive if your car is not set up well in the wet… or anywhere for that matter :frowning: But it’s all bar necessary in the highest couple of classes.

I seem to have a couple of tunes that run well in the wet so if anyone’s interested then please do come forward.

I ended up having no issue with this in the muscle cars last night. I threw AWD on to the 70 Camaro I was running (required several other build adjustments) and ran away with a huge win with drivatars set on unbeatable. This race wasn’t a big deal at all. In fact, I easily ran top 3 and won more races than I have in any other series beating all races in one attempt on unbeatable.