Branded Upgrade Parts - Opinion

i am putting the idea in the wish list thread… But, what are your opinions on having the Upgrade parts be branded?

instead of forza turbo we have Honeywell Twin Turbo…

I just thought of this after seeing the new ABT TTS…

I prefer the unbranded parts.

Branded parts require licensing which means paying money to other companies for the right to use their name. On upgrade parts, this basically means giving people money for nothing. Why pay Honeywell for the right to have the Turbo Upgrade say Honeywell when the game can have three other non-descript turbo upgrades that all do the same thing and don’t cost anything extra. Some companies want to be on top and don’t want to be seen as inferior and what happens when their turbo is only the 1st or 2nd upgrade of 3 or more?

I’d rather focus on having the upgrades parts be good, and maybe having a larger variety of upgrade parts or more tuning options for those parts.


Didn’t think about liscensing. Maybe they could do it, I don’t know.

I like the idea of having more options anyway…

Everything is licensing these days. I’m sure they could but what would be the point? It would be exactly the same except for a name change that they now have to pay for.

Waste of money.


I don’t think there is anything left to say on the subject.


Licenses aside, would it really make any difference to the game. By and large upgrades are largely similar regardless of manufacturer and the vast majority aren’t visible. Nothing preventing you from creating some logo vinyls of your favourite after market brands.

Bingo. Would it be cool? Hell yea! Would it really matter in a big picture deal? Unlikely.

Only thing I can think of that might be interesting is for older cars to have the option to buy a modern suspension for the car or only use bolt on street, sport, race parts.

Now for tire compound by brand, I could see some benefit in terms of expanded ways to build a car. This with a realistic tire wear model would make racing interesting for those wanting sim races that are long.

The game already has branded body mods for some cars. I don’t see why this couldnt be expanded.

This might be a good idea for cosmetic stuff: bodykit, rims, and aero packages. For mechanical bits, which you don’t really see, I’m with PPi.

They need to have upgrades like rfactor no bumpers and thing like that.


They need to have upgrades like rfactor no bumpers and thing like that.

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I feel that it would be a bad idea for the game. It would cost too much money and cold possibly take away from other factors of the game like dlc, or even the general car count. I’d much rather want them to spend money on car licences that would increase the car count and variety rather than branded upgrades.

If I’m not mistaken forza 2 had branded tires and they had different advantages, disadvantages and prices. Some had great grip, some were terrible but cheap and some lasted longer. If endurance racing came back I would consider branded tires or even just different compounds a necessity.

Correct, FM2 did have this.

Correct but they can achieve this without brands like they did with the hoods.

Forza Brand Race Tires:
Spec 1 Super grip/low life +10PI
Spec 2 Great grip/low life +8PI
Spec 3 High grip/med life +6PI
Spec 4 Good grip/med life +5PI
Spec 5 med grip/high life +4PI
You get the point.

They could do the same thing with all the options now that I think about it…


Yeah they could, it wouldn’t be too dificult or cost them that much money and it would please pretty much everyone who plays the game.

This has me envisioning Forza tire wars similar to what you see in something like Super GT… Obviously licensing is an obstacle, but it would be neat to have Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Toyo, etc. work with Turn 10 to establish some comprehensive testing criteria that would allow them to emulate each tire’s handling characteristics in game.

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I’ve thought of this idea myself ages ago and I’m sure a lot of people reading this fourm would have. I suppose its ‘cool’ to say to your pals, ‘ah my Evo has a HKS intercooler, Garrett GTX turbo and an Armytrix Titanium Exhaust’ rather than ‘ah I’ve got a race exhaust, turbo and intercooler’ however that’s basically where the positives end, and it doesn’t necessarily make the gameplay any better. If they could do it without having to pay licences then I’d be all for it, however the opportunity cost of having licensed parts would be having less features as they would have less money to spend on things that are more tangible e.g. Cars, actual forza modifications, tracks ect. that would make the game way better in comparison. You need to think about how efficiently Turn 10 need to use there resources to make this the best game possible. We won’t be let down. I think Turn 10 has something ground-breaking waiting for us. Forza will dominate all other car games, its came from behind GT to being MILES ahead.

If you were to build a forced induction racing engine the turbo would probably be a Honeywell. Fact is, in racing circles a lot of the brands associated with modified road cars wouldn’t even feature because they’re of moderate quality and performance. In addition, even if popular after market brands did appear in FM and let’s say there were three turbo manufacturers, would they all offer identical performance specs. If not, how would you convince two manufacturers to accept that their turbo was inferior in game? If they were identical then what’s the point?

I can only speak for myself but this sort of thing strikes me as something that would appeal mainly to young kids. In a way some of these brands already feature by way of logo. You can choose from Brembo, Wilwood and IIRC AP for brakes as an example.

I like my idea ONLY because it would add more detail. I know almost nothing about tuning or turbos and such. I just thought of it, put it in the wish list, googled a turbo manufacturer, and then made a thread.

Cool ideal but if it happens we would end up with less in the end… The detail is not in the name of the part, it’s in the description of the part that they list and in the amount of part options that they provide us to use.