Brand New Video Tutorial to Tuning!

Hi guys and girls!

Some of you may know I wrote a tuning guide for Forza Motorsport a little while ago, for which I have received some incredibly kind and positive feedback.

Firstly, many thanks for this, and I’m genuinely glad (and somewhat humbled) that it’s helped!

Well, I had a few requests asking me to make a video version of the guide, and I thought that was a pretty good idea!
So, I’ve been busy with a guy called Anthony at Gallium Racing School, and we’ve finished a short tuning course for you to follow.

It’s really straightforward (I hope), and covers Tyre Pressure, Camber, Toe, Caster, Springs, ARB’s, Dampers, Aero, Brakes, and Differentials, along with a suggested order to tuning, and a tuning checklist.

I really hope this helps some of you out with any tuning questions you may have!


Enjoy, and happy tuning!


Video Based Tuning Guide: Please click here!


Thanks Dave!

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No worries bud!

Fantastic videos Dave! Was a big fan of your written guide but these videos have taken it to another level in terms of understanding and explanation of the different components of tuning.

I’ve gotten so frustrated at times with tuning as I just don’t know if what I’m doing is having a positive effect at times. These videos have already gone a long way to giving me more confidence in my tuning.

I fully recommend to anyone that is new to tuning, struggles to understand the values of tuning or just don’t quite have the confidence in themselves to tune their cars, to give these videos a watch and to see how you get on afterwards.

Thanks for your work and time mate in making the world of tuning so much more accessible to the forza community!


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Many thanks for commenting Mike.

I’m really glad the videos have been helpful to you! Tuning is an area so often misunderstood, and I’ve learnt a whole load of stuff along the way myself.

It’s still early days, as the videos have only just been completed, but I hope they help loads of people.

Some guys may be aspiring Tuners, while some may just have something they wish to confirm. Either way, I’m hoping we can create a whole world of Tuners, confident in their own tuning abilities! We don’t all drive the same, so if we can tailor our cars to our own style, we’ll all be going quicker!

Cheers again Mike. :+1:


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Awesome Dave! The guide is really complete with the build in calc aswell, love it!