Braking distances change when returning to original settings

I’ve brought this up numerous times since the days of the demo and the problem is still there…
When tuning a car, if you change a setting (i.e. gearing for example) and then return the gearing to the original setting, the braking distance does not return to the original setting.
Some cars it seems to have been fixed, but the majority have not.
This leaves me with little faith that the tuning will be good. It’s so bad, that I’m ready to give up on tuning or even trusting other players tunes
I’m ready to just leave my cars at the default settings after upgrading.
I have the same issue on my XBox console and my PC.
It’s a shame too, because tuning is one of the things I’ve come to enjoy about the previous Forza releases. Frankly, I’m surprised I’ve not seen others bring this problem up.
Please…I’m begging Turn 10 and Microsoft Studios to look into this and get it fixed.

On some cars, when you enter tune menu, change nothing, leave, then enter again, braking distance will change at random, sometimes as much as 30%, i sent in a ticket on this AGEEES ago, nothing happened.

I sent my first ticket on March 05:
The simulated brake distance numbers to the left in the tuning menu change at random, when you enter and exit the tuning menu, ie, making no changes to the tune, sometimes as much as 7 meters, and on a 40 meter number, 7 is almost 20%.
Makes it impossible to tune your car for stopping, as well as going fast.
I do know that it is a ‘best case’ number, but it still gives you a base line to work from, random numbers do not.

I am looking into this for you and will get back to you as soon as I have more information.

Thank you,

April 17th they closed it, ‘SOLVED’ it said.
May 7th i sent a followup.
"This is a follow-up to your previous request #27310 “Simulated brake distance changes at random”

COmplete BS. This is a VERY important piece of information for tuning the car PERFECT, this being out of order, is not okay, and this ticket should not be marked as solved, nor should i have to trawl trough the slowest forum in human history, for information on IF one of the bugs i rapported is resolved.
Considering the issue was rapported months ago, and considering, imo how important this is, i am frankly shocked that the issue is still very much present.
I would expect a MEGA-title like this to fix major issues like this quickly, well within 2 months."

This was closed the very next day with no reply at all.

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It seems as if the only cars this issue gets fixed on are the cars that are used in the playlist that have specific cars you must use. It’s so very, VERY frustrating!!!
But you’re absolutely right…THIS ISSUE IS NOT RESOLVED AT ALL!!!