Normally found mapped to the left trigger. Use them.


Lol, +1

Discs and drums, mostly.

I’ve been experimenting with “gravity braking” in Elite: Dangerous.

EDIT: UPDATE. Seems to work in ships with pitch thrusters that work well in supercruise mode, like Asps and Diamondbacks. Don’t try it in a Fer-de-Lance or a 'conda.


I normally stop for a snack at around 10 am, then have lunch about 1 pm depending on my mood… Oh, Brakes, sorry.

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Ohhh! So this is the people issue are having… May be their actual Left Trigger is broken or their wheel isn’t connected up properly XD

I’d love it if people also used them, it’s always the first corner online and… BAM COLLISION BOOM EXPLOSION etc…

Some people seem to forget this lol nice to see a reminder :smiley:

The people who visit this forum aren’t the ones that need this message. Right message, wrong audience.


Bingo! Choir Preaching Post.

Also I do not know if folks take into account for the dumb overly strong ricochet effect.

1st & 2nd car slow down for corner 3rd does not and slams 2nd car into 1st car. 1 is mad at 2 for no reason and 2nd is mad at 3rd for a reason. Also 2nd can get damage to front & rear of the car.


Thats why they shouldve added a tab for the forza hub and or forums in the menu. Im sure many people that play dont know whats going on in here. I also think if they’re going to keep on doing community events, it should have a tile on the main page.

Good point.

Maybe turn 10 should add his sentence when the game first turns. Maybe even implement a braking tutorial.

It’s a shame the community can’t select messages to come up in the game whenever players boot up the game. After the screen with the Ford GT where it loads up our save data and brings up the main menu, maybe a text box could pop up saying “Don’t forget the brakes mapped to the Left trigger. - Forza Community”. Maybe every week we could vote on what message we want to share. Next week could be a reminder to report unsporting crashers.

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Lol this reminds me of something I used to do. On fm5 on old le man’s I would eat food going down the straight away. No joke lol. I would hold down the gas with my pinky and use my thumb every once and a while to steer if I was going off corse. I would eat like full microwaved meals and sometimes those giant pretzels that you put in the microwave. Not just little snacks. Trust me… this is a pro tip you need to try (sarcasm)

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Why on earth would I touch the left trigger when I have you in front of me slowing me down for the first turn?

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The right trigger always gets over looked in these convos lol

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I chuckled for way longer than I should’ve :wink:

You know what forza should do, force the ones who slam into other often to watch the longest and most boring documentary on brakes, ban them from multiplayer until this video has been played through without any pauses or skips. Even find an hour long one and slow it down so it stretches out for a good 3 hours

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You know what would be funny? If everybody that bumps into someone gets autobrake enabled for the rest of the race.


I was running an elite league race at Rio coast, and as we entered the first left, I check up to avoid the wreck in front of me. I think I’m good, then BAM! After several flips (@ 40mph?), everything was shot. EVERYTHING! I had to put the car in reverse to get to the pit. Didn’t quit, but was slightly out of contention. Ridiculous.

I suggested loading screen tips before, sounds simple and non-intrusive enough while also guaranteeing that a message is read.

It’s too late for Forza Motorsport 6 anyway.

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There are tips in the loading screens. At the bottom right in small text. I think you get one that says do most of your braking on the straight before turning in. Although, I can’t remember if this is in MP or is just in SP?

I miss the FM3 loading screens. They had basic tips and cool bits of automotive information. It was nice to read.

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