Brakes / Reverse

I play on PC. Is there a way to bind the brake and reverse gear to different controls? I have a Logitech wheel and pedal set and would much prefer to use the brake as a brake only and press a button (or use the left and right paddles on the wheel) to tell the game whether I want the reverse or forward gears and use the accelerator pedal the way it is designed to be used (like in a real car) in both reverse or forward gears.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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I’m curious as well. Braking isn’t equal for Reverse. At least a script should be implemented to leave car brake and stay on 0 and then go reverse by 1-2 seconds later. (propably option adjusted)

Switch to manual transmission.


I wish reverse was at least a double tap or something. I can’t do manual outside of drag racing and the transition from brake to full reverse is usually too much.

Dont press brakes that hard, if you just slam brake trigger down it’s change reverse when speed drops at 22km/h and when you dont press brake trigger too mutch car come full stop stay stopped unless you press trigger more.

It should be a nice update to fix this legacy bug/design.

Manual transmission perhaps? In real life automatic transmission works as OP mentioned, but here you can do accel/reverse by manual only.
It’s not that hard to pick up and overall a better experience.
The transition between brake and reverse has been like this in many racing games i played and i dont think they will ever change it. Being easy on brakes when you are near a full stop helps, or simply pull the handbrake when you are close to zero, that way you will just stop but you won’t be entering reverse.