Brakeing problem

I have a bit of a problem. Im using a wheel (Thrustmaster t300rs gt) and every time I hit the brake hard when i go fast the brakes lock up and ruin my speed through corners. I have played a lot f1 but there I found the brakeing pressure that is fits for me. The problem is though that im not relly an good or experienced tuner in forza so i download other people tunes. I don’t know if that can play a role or if it’s somethings in my settings.

Photo of my settings

Hope you guys will help

Brake pressure is part of fine tuning which is included in every tune, therefore in order to adjust the brakes pressure, you need to go with your own tunes.

Many tunes are tuned for Xbox controllers.

Which, for me, usually means a brake pressure of 125-150%…

Okay, Thanks. But the problem is that i don’t have any clue what the other things do. I do think it’s the same as F1.
But anyway i will try.