Brake Pedal issues?

this has been happening intermittently for a few weeks,

While driving my car will not speed up, it looses power. I checked the telemetry screen and my brake was on by 1.4%, after blipping the pedal the problem went away. Thuis problem keeps coming back randomly, i do not have any other issues on other racers.

This is with the Thrustmaster TX generic pedal set.

Go into wheel settings in game. Increase brake deadzone from 0 to about 5.

Additional info: it’s inside deadzone that needs this adjustment.

Essentially this will prevent the game from registering the first 5% of your brake pedals travel, so if your pedal is getting stuck, it will ignore the input.


Also, check in Control panel. FM’s input detection is serviceable at best.
Open TM control panel. Depress all pedals in that screen and see if any are stuck, even so slightly that you may barely see it.
Boot forza.

Also consider cleaning your pots.

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