Bored Drifting Video

First off, I do not own high end video editing equipment. All clips were recorded off of Streamlabs OBS and edited with Window’s Movie Maker. The video is of clips of drifters from D to S2 class with the last bit being a full drift of Needle Climb in a 1968 Abarth 595 Essesse.

All of my tunes will handle and perform like the cars in the video. Enjoy.
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not bad man, im the same i edit all my clips on a andriod app hahaha

the abarth RWD is capable of so much more though :wink:

Yeah I do what I can on a controller on Normal settings. I think the best i’ve done with that little thing is about 500K which is nice enough for me. Nice sliding on your lil bugger!

yea im controller with stock deadzones etc

yea they are beast to drift, make the FD cars look stupid on points lol

yea got 500k uphill in it, but got to be hauling

Yeah I make tweaks here and there to that car but for the most part, I am enjoying what it can do. I am sure I will eventually start breaking 500K points on it with ease.

I think the funniest thing about the car is watching people do a double take as you’re drifting around with it.

hahahhaah yea my mate GT: Hugepowerfart … you might of run into him, i got him hooked on the 595 and he goes around trolling in it, so funny haha

Yeah I love trolling in it…Either people try to keep up and spin out, or the switch to a awd and zoom past me, and sometimes still spin out.