[boostlogical] Tazmanian Devil V8SC - Its finished PG4!

Welcome :slight_smile:

to my garage. I’ve been playing forza since FM1, and really love this series and I love to paint.

Holden Commodore - Tazmanian Devil V8SC Original - Search: Devil
Turn10 pick week S, thanks

Lexus Toyota Racer - Search: Toylex

Audi RS4, Ducati Corse Original - Search: Ducati2

Audi RS5, Ducati Corse Original - Search: Ducati
Turn10 pick week R, thanks

Lancia Delta S4, Selenia Original - Search: Selenia

RUF RT12S, TRG Original - Search: TRG

Aston Martin DBR9 - Search: Gulf
Turn10 pick week Q, thanks

Toyota GTone Replica - Search: Venture Safenet

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Looks really good mate. My favorite complete GT One to date! The Forza 4 stuff is also quite nice, I like the Cobra Jet Mustang.

Long time no see! Great to see you´re back man! Toyota looks great. Also looking forward to see more FM5 stuff from you :smiley:

Btw, a re-make of the ATTKD R32 would be pretty awesome :wink:

Thanks :). Yes I really liked the cobras, might do them again. Its a very powerful but clean livery.

Glad to see you to motor :), have watching some of your new stuff and I love em, especially the EVO and I have already thought about the ATTKD and what I could do with 3000 layers/side. Last time i got to 1000 layers and had still logotypes left, so its very possible :slight_smile:

How does storefront work? It only shows like 20 liverys per car and to be honest some of em are just repainted with 1 random decal on the side.

Sounds good :slight_smile:

The share system is pretty awkward. There is no common storefront anymore. You can only search for designs for the car you currently are using. The first 20 something designs should be popular, T10 selects and from ppl you follow. But mostly it´s the same designs for every car… But you can search for other designs for the particular car as well from there via the search filter.
And if you share stuff, make sure to unshare (you will lose all the stats like dl´s and likes) if you edit the design, otherwise there will be multiple copies in the cloud.

Love the Toyota bud

I appreciate that :slight_smile:

I think I have like 4 different copies of my car in my designs :), very strange. How can you watch how many downloads you have on your car?

You will see uses/downloads/likes from your design library. There you will see if your design is shared as well :slight_smile:

Ah ok :). Had 4 downloads on my car and 3 star rating :D, a good start

Hey Boost!

So glad I decided not to paint that replica now! You have nailed it! Nice work!

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I appreciate your kind words :slight_smile:

Great work mate Toyota is fantastic and the ATTKD needs to make an fm5 appearance :wink:

Thanks, I appreciate your kind words :D. Im kindof tired of the ATTKD, but you never know ;).

New Paint done, can be seen in 1st post :slight_smile:

I really like the TRG Ruf, great job :smiley:

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

I love that Ruf but my absolute favorite is that Aston Martin! So artistic. Keep up the great work.

Your kind words warms my heart :D, thanks and I will keep up the work. I have an retro, but fresh Lancia S4 in the paintbooth right now

Nice work on the GT One, keep it up made.