Boosting Affinity Levels

Money in the game is no longer a problem. Think im on c. 24m credits or something daft like that.

I want to try and max out the affinity for a few cars that I dont use too much. Rather than the short preset races Im thinking just do longer races in free play.

Is there a way of calculating how much XP I get from each track or is it a case of doing one lap races and noting down the XP then doing 10, 20, 30 lap races on the tracks that give better rewards.

AFAIK its XP per lap rather than class or distance etc

If you play free play you can add %xp mods while in the pre race menu. If you add it it tells you the xp payout for that mod. So if you have a +60% xp mod and it says = 60.000 xp, the normal payout without mods is 100.000 xp. Only thing is you cant adjust the amount of laps in this menu, you have to quit and select it again in the previous menu.

I measured the XP per lap of each layout of each track, based on a ten lap race. The amount of XP does seem to scale, but not perfectly - I’m not sure why. It’s still a good rough guide, though. I’m going to try to paste my numbers on this post, but I don’t know how well it will come out…

Autodromo Nazionale Monza Full Circuit 2,500
Autodromo Nazionale Monza Short Circuit 1,100
Autodromo Nazionale Monza Full Circuit Alt 2,200
Bernese Alps Festival Circuit 2,400
Bernese Alps Stadtplatz Circuit 2,000
Bernese Alps Club Circuit 1,800
Bernese Alps Festival Circuit Reverse 2,400
Bernese Alps Stadtplatz Reverse 2,000
Bernese Alps Club Circuit Reverse 1,800
Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit 1,600
Brands Hatch Indy Circuit 1,000
Circuit de Catalunya Grand Prix Circuit 2,400
Circuit de Catalunya National Circuit 1,600
Circuit de Catalunya School Circuit 990
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Full Circuit 3,200
Circuit of the Americas Grand Prix Circuit 3,000
Circuit of the Americas West Route 2,200
Circuit of the Americas East Route 1,100
Daytona Intl Speedway Sports Car Circuit 2,300
Daytona Intl Speedway Short Circuit 2,000
Daytona Intl Speedway Tri-Oval Circuit 940
Hockenheimring Full Circuit 2,300
Hockenheimring National Circuit 2,000
Hockenheimring Short Circuit 1,400
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Grand Prix Circuit 1,900
Indianapolis Motor Speedway The Brickyard Speedway 1,200
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Grand Prix Circuit - Classic 1,900
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Grand Prix Circuit Alt 2,100
Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe Full Circuit 5,500
Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe Bugatti Circuit 2,300
Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe Old Mulsanne Circuit 5,000
Lime Rock Full Circuit 1,200
Lime Rock West Chicane 1,300
Lime Rock South Chicane 1,200
Lime Rock Full Circuit Alt 1,300
Long Beach Full Circuit 1,900
Long Beach East Route 1,200
Long Beach West Route 540
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca Full Circuit 2,000
Mount Panorama Circuit Bathurst Circuit 2,800
Nurburgring Full Circuit 12,000
Nurburgring Nordschleife 9,300
Nurburgring GP Circuit 2,700
Prague Full Circuit 2,600
Prague Short 1,400
Prague Full Circuit Reverse 2,600
Prague Short Reverse 1,300
Rio de Janeiro Full Circuit 3,000
Rio de Janeiro National Circuit 2,100
Rio de Janeiro Coast Loop 1,100
Rio de Janeiro Mountain Circuit 900
Rio de Janeiro Mini Circuit 740
Rio de Janeiro Full Circuit Reverse 3,000
Rio de Janeiro National Circuit Reverse 2,100
Rio de Janeiro Coast Loop Reverse 1,100
Rio de Janeiro Mountain Circuit Reverse 930
Rio de Janeiro Mini Circuit Reverse 740
Road America Full Circuit 2,900
Road America East Route 1,400
Road America West Route 1,700
Road America Full Circuit Alt 3,100
Road America West Route Alt 1,900
Road Atlanta Full Circuit 1,900
Road Atlanta Club Circuit 1,300
Sebring International Raceway Full Circuit 2,800
Sebring International Raceway Short Circuit 1,600
Sebring International Raceway Club Circuit 1,400
Silverstone Racing Circuit Grand Prix Circuit 2,800
Silverstone Racing Circuit International Circuit 1,400
Silverstone Racing Circuit National Circuit 1,200
Sonoma Raceway Full Circuit 2,100
Sonoma Raceway Grand Prix Circuit 2,100
Sonoma Raceway Short Circuit 1,700
Test Track Airfield Full Circuit 1,300
Top Gear Full Circuit 1,600
Top Gear East Circuit 770
Top Gear West Circuit 700
Top Gear Outer Loop 1,100
Top Gear East Circuit Reverse 760
Top Gear West Circuit Reverse 690
Top Gear Outer Loop Reverse 1,000
Watkins Glen Full Circuit 2,500
Watkins Glen Short Circuit 1,600
Watkins Glen Full Circuit Alt 2,400
Watkins Glen Short Circuit Alt 1,500
Yas Marina Circuit Full Circuit 3,000
Yas Marina Circuit North Circuit 1,600
Yas Marina Circuit South Circuit 1,400
Yas Marina Circuit North Corkscrew 1,300
Yas Marina Circuit Corkscrew 2,700


Wow ! Looks like someone did their homework for sure !!!

I will maths it up and get the tracks that’s worth getting xp/affinity from

10 best for b class

COTA east 23.4182065912
Prague Short-R 23.3395572153
Prague Short 23.3150698619
Long Beach West 22.6358148893
Rio Coast-R 22.5719738165
Rio Coast 22.5710475018
Lime Rock West 22.5350159479
Lime Rock Full 22.496344344
Daytona Tri-oval 22.3230188321
Rio Mountain-R 22.3032279726

I dont think theres a cap this time. On F4 I sure it was 100,000cr and 50,000XP so I just did 30 laps of Indy or 5 laps on the Nordschleife every now and then

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I took the top ten track from b and added up scores of those tracks with E, S and X class and got,

best (at top) tracks for xp per time.
Prague Short-R 192.6
Prague Short 192.2
Lime Rock Full 185.1
Lime Rock West 182.6
Rio Coast 180.3
Rio Coast-R 179.2
Rio Mountain-R 176.9
COTA east 174.1
Long Beach West 171.8
Daytona Tri-oval 165.2

I did Prague Short and I got only 1340xp per lap so I think it might be based on Class or lap time or total time?

Based on the data of 1340xp (my S class Formular E) I need to do 98.1 laps with 3* +60% Affinity boosts to go from L0 to L25.

Something definitely causes minor variations - as I said, my figures are based on 10-lap races, and I’ve been keeping an eye on the numbers while I’m working through buying all the cars & maxing the affinities. The XP/lap numbers above are definitely largely accurate, but sometimes the numbers do vary slightly, and I can’t work out why. Sometime, the amount of XP is not evenly divisible by the number of laps, so there’s some other weighting in there.

I did 22 (?) laps at brands hatch in my a class brz, got a decent figure from memory.

that was in rivals, could be more if it was free play/custom online? something else to test as a variable, the game mode?

It’s worth mentioning that there is a cap on both base Credits and base XP in place.
You will not get more than 300k Cr in “Earnings” and not more than 300k XP (these are the base values before any mods are applied).
So if you’re going for very long races, make sure you’re not overshooting these figures as every lap afterwards will be a waste of time.

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Nurburgring (NoS only) 32 laps max out this 300.000 XP/race

Ignore any brand that has a car in any of the endurance races IMO as it it far too easy to cap it at 25 via endurance.

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mannnnn do i wish i payed attention to this. 3 endurance left and 2 of them are maxed Affinity… the last one i did too lol Just figures

I’m looking to boost Ram’s affinity. I normally do the Daytona oval, but the truck seems to be too tippy there. Any good tracks and lap amount for Ram?

It is annoyingly tippy. I maxed out mine on Silverstone, and made use of 3 100% XP boost cards to make the race as short as possible!

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed this but if you race in rivals mode you get bonus xp for good/perfect turns and drifts. I tested this out extensively and I calculated you get 100xp for each good and 500 for each perfect. if you do it right you can level up quite easily. (works for both driver level and affinity)

Off Endurance races I maxed out affinity for Peugeot, Audi, Lamborghini, Holden, Honda, Chevrolet and Dodge. I also may have forgotten one there. If you have max affinity already use 100% driver level cards for the Endurance races. You can gain 20+ driver levels and at this point you wind up with 10 million+ off the spins after an endurance race doing that. A lot of credits to blow on mod packs that will get you mod cards for affinity to use in other races :slight_smile:

I have noticed that there may be some variation to the max xp cap. Running Nurburgring full circuit you cannot get 300,000 max base xp, you can only get 240,000 which is 20 laps. Add a 60% affinity card and you get 384,000 xp which gives you 12,000 more than needed to make level 25. The other 2 slots can be used to generate cash or driver level. It takes around 3 hours to complete the race for me, which is not too bad to max a manufacturer.