Bone Shaker no longer banned from hoppers! [changed-see post#45]

Thanks to our efforts, and the wonderful RBW Triton, the Bone Shaker is now available to use in class hoppers. Get out there and shake up the competition, pun definitely intended. :slight_smile:


I agree. I was looking forward being able to overtake people in stupid vehicles again after they purged the wrecker vehicles. It makes no sense to exclude this car as it’s neither a heavyweight nor is it uncontrollable.

Hope it has nothing to do with licensing issues but I doubt that is the case since the Mustang can be driven in Hoppers.

Please change this T10!


Maybe the Rocket and this one are banned because they are toys or fictional cars, not real cars?

But I agree this is all getting out of hand a bit, same with so many cars that lack a car division or don’t have a proper division. I think what Turn 10 urgently need to do is to revamp the car divisions and families completely. And no, waiting until it’s fixed in FM7 is not an option…


But unlike the Rocket 69 the Bone Shaker actually exists as a drivable vehicle. The Forza model is based on that: Hot Wheels Boneshaker Car - YouTube

My guess…the real world manufacturers don’t want “toy” or “fictional” cars being matched up against their models. I have a feeling it’s a licensing issue more than a Turn 10 decision issue. That might be why they’re both banned from Rival’s leaderboards. Again…only a guess but we have to remember Turn 10 is representing real-world products.

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Hey Breyz… The Boneshaker was actually built in 2011, and it’s what’s known in the Hot Rod world as a “Rat Rod”

Meaning that it’s not designed around current Rodding styles. They often don’t have headlights and wipers or blinkers or such like. They’re designed primarily to race on Salt a Flats, desert dirt tracks, much like they were back in the late 20’s and early thirties etc.

The car is drivable in real life, but is not road registered I believe. But has road permits for exhibition rides and the like. Much like vintage cars or historic vehicles are given driving permits etc.

They are built around the bone basics that are required for a race style car, with the Salt Flats being their main aim. But also to do some “track” work when needed.

This fine example is a “channeled” and “chopped” 28-30 A Model Ford Pickup. The cowl has been altered the allow the body to slip down over the chassis, same as the floor, which is Aldo boxed so it can sit down over the chassis. Hence the name “channeled”

The cowl used to house the fuel tank, but that’s been moved to the rear pickup bed, and been replaced with an alloy “keg” style fuel tank…

The rear suspension is very simply a rear spring that sits inside a small metal bucket that’s been welded to the rear member, which I believe is a Chevy Sailsbury unit if I’m not mistaken, with 2 trailing arms securing it to the rear chassis, with the shovks often sitting inside the coils, often running close next to them.

The rear can sometimes have a cross rail torsion linkage to help centre the housing and apply opposit tension to the chassis as the tourque twists the rear, and the road plays its tricks to try and unsettle the ride.

The Watts Linkage is very effective for transferring torsion from either side to the other as the car turns corners.

The front is usually a standard I-Beam unit, but I this case, they have built a fully independent wishbone coil-over front suspension unit from chrome Molly and alloy…

Thus giving it some solid road holding abilities when combined with the Watts Linkage…

The engines is a Small Block Chevy with “straight pipes” which usually have motorbike baffles inserted into each pipe to give the engine some exhaust compression. They sometimes have a simple switch box that switches the exhaust from the “headers” into a system that exits at the rear of the car through a muffler system for when it’s required to ride on the streets etc.

I used to built these beasts, and paint them. But more the real Hot Rods or Custom Cars rather than Rat Rods.

Rat Rods rarely got painted in elaborate paint scheme. Some are often left as raw metal, or just coated in red oxide or black weather resistant primer to seal it from the weather… The idea was why waste money on elaborate paint when it’s just going UK get really really dirty…lol.





It would be great if T10 would fix this issue but it’s not gonna happen. They have showed time and time again they could care less about the community and what we want. Perfect example is them removing custom public lobbies and forcing us into the hopper system if we wanna race online. There was and still is strong backlash from this since they released FM5 with no custom public lobbies. They didn’t change it in fm6 like lots were hoping for and they aren’t gonna change this problem either. Since the introduction of forza 10 has consistently removed features people want and continue to add features nobody cares about as well as wasting time and money adding worthless vehicles like trucks and SUV’s in a simulation racing track game. These vehicles are used for nothing other than to crash people in online races and they know this but continue to add these type of cars when they could be adding a sports car that the community has been asking for for years. As stated in an above post the majority of these vehicles have been banned from online hoppers, so one has to wonder why the heck they put them in the game to begin with.

I feel the main problem is T10 has a monopoly on this market on consoles. So they can do whatever they want or don’t want and bow to microsofts demands all day long and they know people will still buy it cuz it’s the only good sim racer on XBone. If another company would step up and provide some competition and giv e the community a game to rival the physics and customization of forza then T10 would start loosing money and be forced to do what the community has been asking them to do for years.

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I was lurking the thread and saw this comment. Not sure why people think the car isn’t a realty. It very much is so, and has been for years now. The Bone Shaker is absolutely a real and operating car. Hot Wheels built it for the 2011 LA Autoshow. You can find a lot of videos of it starting just there.

Here’s a Video.

It even had a demo for the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and a couple more events.

but in absolutely no way is the car fictional.

Leaderboards as well.



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I hope that it was a mistake to ban it. Hopefully a member of the Turn 10 staff can enlighten us…

That is a bit disappointing to hear (have to wait until after work to play so I wasn’t aware).

I suppose it could irritate some of the “hardcore” crowd to be overtaken in a Hot Wheels toy, but nothing they have done in several iterations of the game now shows they care about the hardcore crowd at all.

One thing is for sure though, they should tell us if a car can’t be used in the hoppers/leaderboards BEFORE we buy the pack. This doesn’t matter too much to me but I know there are plenty of people who are mainly interested in those.

Good luck with that.

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I don’t know why cars are included in a car pack that one cannot use anywhere, it just doesn’t make any sense.!!


They can be used in tag

I can’t say I care that non real/made up cars aren’t allowed in hoppers or on leaderboards. I really don’t. It does bother me though that these cars were added via premium paid for dlc…

I dont see the point of turn 10 even making these cars and ban them from online with out giving them a chance. The bone shaker really?!?!?! What could this car possibly do to another car seeing its smaller than the other suvs and trucks. bring trucks and suvs back online.

I’m still surprised they haven’t brought the faster/smaller Trucks/SUVs back after it was made obviously clear that they weren’t to blame for the wrecking (as in the removal of them did nothing to even dent the wrecking as wreckers just continued on with one of the many heavy AWD substitutes).

I’m thinking and hoping this was just a developer error, there is no reason these shouldn’t be allowed in online play from a gameplay perspective.

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The smaller more competitive suv/truck were never ban.

And to think I was just about to buy the pack. Thanks for the heads up. I wanted to race the car in C class.