BombPaints - NART Ferrari, CALSONIC Nismo, Rothmans Porsche, (555 Impreza

I’ve moved all my painting deals to FM7 until its support is dropped. Vinyls are all shared on FH3, and I will share them to FM7 when FM8 drops.

Here’s my old thread: BomberVette's Paints and Vinyls

As always, criticism, constructive or not, very much welcome.

Corvette ZO6 (Red Bull GTLM)

250 GT (N.A.R.T.)

F40 (Monte Shell)

512 BB/LM #71 (Camel, Red Scheme)

365 GTB4 (N.A.R.T.)

512 BB/LM #71 (Camel)

512 BB/LM #72 (N.A.R.T. Union76)

Escort RS Cosworth (Mobil 1)

641/2 (Marlboro)

Chevy #2 Indy (NASA Winston)

250 GTO (Retro Racer)

F50 GT (MOMO MoKart)

F40 C (TAISAN Star Card)

330 P4 Spa (PROVA MO-159)

Lancer Evo VI (WRC Marlboro)

Sauber C9 (Classic Redux)

Lancia #31 Corse Beta Montecarlo Turbo (totip Jolly Club)

Porsche 911 GT1 IBM Mobil 1

Porsche 962/C Rothmans

2014 Lamborghini Huracan GT3 (Red Bull Silhouette)

2019 Hyundai Veloster N (TCR)

2017 Chevy #4 IndyCar (Ferrari Marlboro Subliminal)

Renault RS17 (Porsche)

2017 Chevy #2 IndyCar (Porsche)

2014 Corvette C7.R GTLM (Red Bull Redux)

Radical SR8 (Scuderia Lucky Strike MoKart)

Radical SR8 (Petronas W12)

Honda #9 Dallara (Petronas)

Renault RS17 (F1 2021 Mercedes Petronas W12)

Ferrari 333 Lucky Strike MoKart

Subaru Impreza SWRT

Subaru Impreza (555

Saleen S7 Vitaphone

Renault RS17 (F1 2021 Scuderia Ferrari SF1000)

Pagani Zonda R Nurburgring


Maserati MC12 Vitaphone DHL

Hoonigan Porsche 911 Turbo RWB Rothmans

Ferrari FXX K Scuderia F1 Mock

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Soon to be posting screenshots of updated designs within FM7. All liveries are current, imported to FM7, and uploaded. No tags or anything because I’m lazy.

Lots of updated designs since the initial import. Decals will be shared as soon as the next FM title launches.

Removed a bunch of decals from the F50 MoKart.

SEV Marchal decals now have the cartoony font.

TRICO decal now has thicker letters and proper alignment of the “TR” and “CO” in relation to the ‘I’.

INEOS now has a properly spaced ‘O’, reminiscent of the Total S.A. sphere.

Spaced out “PETRONAS” on the RS17’s tail.

Brightened TeamViewer decal on the RS17 and SR8.

Changed alignment of “LUCKY STRIKE” stripe on 333 SP.

Changed AGIP logo to wide version on 333 SP.

Added flat transparent Corvette badge to tail fins of C7.R.

Added GoDaddy logos to C7.R and Chevy #9.

Fixed misalignment of not Marlboro barcode on Chevy #4. Got it as close as it can without too much distortion due to the weird placement angle on that part of the car.

Added PUMA, FIAT, TATA, and Marlboro man logos to Chevy #4.

Fixed JOLLY CLUB logo to fatter letters on the Lancia Corse and 037.

Changed the linel TEX logo on number decals to a more realistic retro look. Currently changing to the retro look vinyl on most designs that use the linel logo. Lancer, Escort, and Delta EVO have all been updated. The modern streamlined (spaghetti looking) version will be saved and uploaded separately.

I’ve got the Sauber C9 in two color schemes, same decals and all. Classic silver, and the other is white with carbon accents. Both have the weird lime green cover over the rear passenger brake light.

Widened out the letters in the retro Marlboro decal on the 641.

Removed the black base layer from the side and hood Agip decals on the 641.

Bolded the letters of the “digital” decal on the front wing of the 641.

Changed the layout of the F40 C’s number badge. Looked weird with a modern style of number badge for the longest time, so I went ahead and removed the “WEC” from the bottom and replaced “73” with thicker font.

All MICHELIN logos have been replaced with the new, thicker font version. I have two separate vinyl groups, one with 0.65 skew and one without any. The latter I’ve yet to find a proper use for.

Monte Shell logo needs to be updated. The ‘o’ in “Monte” isn’t properly aligned horizontally. That is soon to be fixed. Had to widen out the CHAMPION logo on the Shell F40, as well.

The NART 365 has been changed a bit. Added SEV Marchal logos to the rear and a rounded triangle under the “KONI” logo on each side.

Thinking of underlaying the #71 Camel 512 to gold and making a negative of the CAMEL logo just for that extra zip. Y’all let me know if that would improve the look of the car itself.

All rally cars now have updated linelTEX logos.

Changed the sizing of the number decals on both the Mobil1 and Valvoline Escort Cosworths. Also changed to a bit brighter and fuller blue on the Mobil1.

250 GTO Retro Racer now has old, basic CIBIE logos. Also removed CORNES Ferrari logos bc idk. Seemed out of place, ig.

Changed the 33 to black on the F50 GT MoKart.

Spun the Yoshimura logo on the front bumper of the F40C to match the angle of where the front bumper meets the fender. Also removed WEICHAI and MISSION WINNOW logos.

Lancer Rally 1998 livery now sports a single PM decal on the rear bumper. Couldn’t squeeze by the 3,000 layer count restriction so it is what it is. Added Valvoline logo to the rear, and that’s what prevented retaining both PM logos.

Lancia Beta MC now has white rim paint. HRE logo retained. Changed green of the number badges to match the other stripes on the car, as well.

Still need to make the old UPS logo for the 911 GT1.

All Rothmans Porsche logos have been replaced with the updated, thicker font “Rothmans” version.

MAC Tools and Eibach logos added to each rear fender of the C7.R LM. “COR” and “VETTE” are now brought closer together on the rear wing. Replaced old, non-transparent Corvette badge with new all-transparent badge on wing’s side fins.

The SWRT 22B is now less purple and more blue on base color. CIBIE decals have been moved from atop the front bumper to just above the “STi” logos on the fog light covers.

Wow. ↑ This guy ↑ does “patches” for his work.

Just keeping track of the small changes I make to my designs. Started in FH3, but at this point it’s become tedious as all hell given I now have over 300 liveries. I like to note what’s been done, though.

Changed colors on #71 Camel 512 BB/LM to classic Ferrari red. Both the white-blue and red-white versions are available.

The new 250 GT “N.A.R.T.” design was made amidst a drunken stupor last night, so feel free to point out oddities and call out blatant mistakes. I take proper criticism seriously. Otherwise, if said criticism is presented jokingly, I’ll laugh along. The “Hillbilly Redneck, Eh?” is just to poke fun at folks who’ve challenged my paints in the past. Nothing particular meant to be conveyed. But, in the case anyone has any adverse reactions, I’ll thank you for the feedback and talk about it with my team. That team being me, myself, and I, of course.

I recreated the Hoosier logo from a photocopy vector. I decided to keep the ‘H’ looking like a ‘K’ since I’ve always read “Hoosier” as “Koosier” because of the wild tails of the ‘H’. Much in the same way I’ve read the classic “Disney” signature as “Gisney” with a backwards ‘G’.

330 Spa now has two variants. Just changed “GOODYEAR” to “MICHELIN”, “S.E.V. MARCHAL” to “CIBIE”, and “Agip” to “Shell”.

365 GTB4 also now has two variants. Same changes as on 330 SP.

Monte Shell F40 now has CIBIE decals over the pop up headlights, along with the Shell logo atop the headlights themselves. The “F40” logo on the wing has been retained only on the passenger side, so as to conform alongside the weird mentality of Enzo himself in relation to the F40. That, being the top line of the ‘F’ (extending over the “40”) is always moving forward… so I guess that makes sense.

I’ve also adjusted my signature “B. Vette” racer name on all of my designs. Been some months since I made the changes, but I dropped the vertical height of the name itself and miniaturized the tag all together across all my designs so as to make it less intrusive on the designs themselves.

Removed the white outline of the “N.A.R.T.” decals on all Ferrari liveries. Older designs like that rarely had outlines that fine as far as decals are concerned, so I just went straight for flat paste.

My “digital” logo on the 641 looks way too wide from what I see in images of the real car itself. Idk if I’ll change it, though. Having the letters bolded takes up a ton of space inside each of their own squares. Hard to avoid getting the letters to clip through their outlines, so I reckon I’ll just leave it as it is.

250 GTO photo hasn’t been updated yet, but I changed the CIBIE decals to flat black over yellow (removing the outlines and “s/e” parts), as well as removing the “CORNES Ferrari” logos.

Sauber C9 with stock paint has some weird vinyl outline thing going on. Even with semigloss aluminum it’s got the same white outline around all the decals I’ve slapped on. Tried to find a workaround while also maintaining the silver paint, but all to no avail. If anyone’s got advice on how to eliminate the weird reflective outlines of decals on such undercoats, feel free to advise. :smile:

Transferred GTLM design to 2014 Z06 Corvette. Added signature Grand Sport stripes for looks.

Changed around the layout for the 250 GT NART. Now has center stripe.

Cooking up a 288 GTO NART livery. Uploaded now on FM7. Still WIP, but I update it after every change.

Not much beyond that, this week. Thank you to all my fellow FM7 players for the 12,000 downloads this week. Feels good to know that there are folks taking interest in my work. :slight_smile: