Bolts211743's IndyCar showroom

This is the place where I will put all of my IndyCar replica’s and others that may/may not be headed to the storefront. I try to do these if I can in my spare time and am going to try to crank out a few replica’s to start the season.

Here is some of my work so far:

2014 Ed Carpenter Fuzzy’s Vodka replica. Goes on the #1 Chevy. Includes both an Oval and Road Course version. RC version is called “Carpenter Iowa” and Oval version is called “Carpenter Oval”

2015 Andretti Snapple, based off of the St. Petersburg car. Not quite done yet, still have quite a few tweaks to make.

2015 RHR W.I.P., obviously not done but should be up soon.

28 Sun Drop car for a friend, it’s currently on the storefront but it has his name instead of RHR’s, if you guys want I can put it up on the storefront with RHR’s name.

25 Dunkin’ Donuts car for myself, not currently on the storefront but I can put it up if anyone wants me to.

25 Sun Drop car, tried to make it look like the can.

26 Rockstar Energy Drink car, think I may put it up on the storefront.

That’s all for now, please leave feedback if you want and hope you guys like my work.

2015 RHR now on the storefront. Goes on the #1 Chevy, based off of the St. Petersburg car. Hope you all like it.

Road Course Editon: (Called RHR Road 2015)

Oval Edition: (Called RHR Oval 2015)

These look awesome (…and I actually really like the Dunkin Donuts livery).

Some pretty good looking stuff in here mate, nice work!

Thanks guys! I should have some more stuff up here soon.

ykiki5 would you like me to put the Dunkin’ Donuts car up on the storefront?

That would be fantastic. I’ll download it as soon as I get home from the Long Beach GP.

I’d like u 2 put dunkin up

Well darn. Sorry I just saw your post now. I’ll put it on later today.

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Sorry it’s not up yet ykiki5, I’ve been having trouble uploading these past couple of days. In the mean time here’s a preview of my next car. :slight_smile:

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This one is looking really groovy mate! The logo work is downright incredible, keep up the great work.

Nice preview - looking forward to that one as well!

I just tried to upload the Dunkin’ Donuts and Hartman Oil road course livery’s - Got errors for both. However, I was able to get the oval Hartman Oil scheme on the storefront. Goes on the #1 Chevy DW12 and is called “JN67HartmanOval” or just look up Josef Newgarden.

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Looking good mate! Keep up the great work.

Very nice work all over. Really like the Hartman one.

Sorry for a lack of updates lately - Dunkin’ Donuts car has been on the storefront along with the Road version of the Hartman Oil car for about a month now. I’m going to Colorado for about a week so I’ll (hopefully) finish this when I get back if layers allow me to. :slight_smile:

Wish I could get rid of the chrome on the nose ; Otherwise I like how it looks so far.

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