BMW Z4 GTE Championship | League Racing every Friday | Delta Online Racing [VIDEO Included]

Delta Online Racing are halfway through hosting a BMW Z4 racing league and it’s honestly one of (if not the) most respectful racing I have seen in a community league series on Forza 7. Very hard, but very clean too with staff who marshall each race.

Over 80 players in this weekly league, highly recommend anyone to try as there are enough lobbies to match people with other drivers of similar lap pace each week.
The BMW Z4 GTE is set at 820pi, but each player can tune the car how they want. It’s a challenge for me as I like driving cars completely stock, but a fun challenge nonetheless.

Their website if anyone wants to sign up:
Next round #5 is at Nurburgring GP on Friday 24th April (I’ll keep this thread updated each week)

I have included my latest video of Round 4 highlights at Road America. Hope it helps anyone get a better idea of how exciting the racing can get!


DOR Z4 Championship - Road America - My Closest Finish - Forza 7 - Delta Online Racing - JSR John