BMW Z4 cross country setup

I just purchased this game and began playing this afternoon. I place 2nd in the Horizon heat and placed 1st in my first road race. However, the cross country race was a different story. The Z performed well on the road portion but couldn’t gain any traction during the off road portion of the race, resulting in spin outs. A majority of the races ended in 12th out of 12, so I redo the race.

I use the standard Z set up for the road, but is there a different setup I need for off road? What off road set up should I use for the BMW Z4? Any assistance is welcome.


I have a set up for the BMW that I enjoy. It has been built up to the top of the stock class (I believe) and it handles well. When I last drove it, it was around Sisteron for a championship but it should fair fairly well off road.

AWD helps for off road for sure, but it is not necessary. Some things to keep in mind while driving are to keep an eye on your steering input, be careful with weight transfers - you don’t always have to brake to slow down, especially when off road - and with your throttle. You can often find the car easier to control by being wary of how much throttle you are using. Throttle control and the amount of throttle you are using can make huge changes to turning and handling when off road.

Give my Z4 tune a try. If you like it and it works well for you, best of luck to you. If you’d like it in a different car class or it’s not quite right, please let me know and I will be more than happy to make one in a different class or make some changes so it works out for you.

Welcome to - I hope yu enjoy your time here. I hope you enjoy the game.