BMW E46 M3 Boost

If anyone hasn’t tried this car out yet, then you should… its a beast! When you single turbo the stock engine it generates nearly 400 extra BHP and at max revs generates 32.0 (bars or psi - not sure on the units) of boost. Crazy. Not to mention it sounds absolutely incredible! 974 BHP when fully upgraded and a tested top speed of 256 MPH.

32.0 PSI - it would equate to about 464 PSI if it was 32 bar.

Why can I not find this car in the list of cars ?
Can you give me a better description of how this car is listed ?
Is it in a car pack or what… I don’t see it listed. I’m so confused, but that’s normal. LOL

Thanks for any help…maybe a picture of the car in the buy cars, or something, help :slight_smile:

I think I found it…never mind.