Blueprint sharing/finding and custom route sharing/findig: ETA on beta test or finish?

Please have a look at this mess;

Could we at least get some info please, will route creator and blueprint sharing stay in beta testing forever, will it be finished some time or taken out of the game for good. Current state of function, service, communication hints towards a dead end/failed beta test, What’s to expect? Is Microsoft saying goodbye to games as a service? Why is Playground making custom routes a part of their seasonal events when at the same time they are abandoning the whole thing at customer’s end?? This is so demotivating. If we are supposed to live with FH4 for god knows how long (no prob, the world PG created is stunningly beautiful after all), where the heck is the roadmap with bugs and features to be fixed next/soon/some day?

Route Creator is a new thing you gave us after launch, so it’s perfectly fine to use as is. Sharing/unsharing/finding - the social functions regarding route creation and blueprinting in general however… Please give us some status on those. When will FH4 receive some sort of endgame (aka multiplayer) and when will this aspect of the game be finished? No wait: I don’t wanna press. Make the “when” an “if”: will this be looked into after all or not? That’s what I’d like to know, I hate building false hopes based on a communicative vacuum. Will the route creator and blueprint system be finished eventually?