Blueprint Route Creator FULL of GARBAGE Money Grabs

Is there any known workaround, to browse events in the ‘CREATIVE’ hub, that actually resemble originality? Any general search, with filters attached brings back 20 results of ‘GET DAT CASH DADDY / EASY MONEY FOR PLEBS’.

As seems to always be the case: give the people free reign of customization, and ALL turns to trash. So far this mode is absolute proof of why Forza Motorsport no longer has ‘custom’ lobbies…look no further than this example, or the crapshoot of GT Sport ‘cruises/420 blazeit’ absurdity, for example.

I would greatly appreciate if anybody here can steer me to a CREATIVE route blueprinting wizard. Perhaps a username, or 20 that I can enter in the Search filter, and get results of ANYTHING besides ‘Gimme Dat Quick Cash Hack in 3 min custom route’

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A great start. Thank you for this

yup all I get invited to these passed couple of days are 50 lap Goliaths. I have created over 200 Blueprint custom routes, my creative hub says 57 … open the hub and it shows 17 , do a search for my routes and you get returned 11. I even had an ‘editors choice’ route with many hundreds of play and likes but even that has vanished.

here is a link to my Road race custom routes races approx. 140 road race custom routes by PURE NFS MAC


Really disappointing,to hear that hard work is vanishing. Must be a server cap, that keeps hitting threshold, and bumping oldest routes… pretty disheartening to a curator., I can imagine… I know how much time it must take, to map out, and perfect a route.

I will look up your Creator name and give the available routes a go. Here’s hoping T10/PG is working on implementing a better algorithm for filtering spam and/or more diligent curation team, that gives its community more opportunity to utilize this tool, as it was intended. I am in love with the ‘seasonal community championships’ just itching for more than 1 opportunity, a week, to experience creatice custom routes throughout Britain

If they just gave a route map for us to see it would solve so many problems. Right now its impossible to know if a route is any good without starting a race.


Sam, it’s not just the Route creator that’s got issues, the game as a whole is falling apart. The developers have lost control to the modders, hackers and pirates, there is no credibility left anywhere. If you are a painter or tuner, then fine, but if you want to race you are either faced with a lack of participants, unbelievable targets and impossible world records. I guess all that’s left to do is the casual stuff … which is ok if you want to do the casual stuff, but as a competitive racer, this game ran out of petrol before it reached second gear. We cant even trust the playground games staff anymore!

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Things aren’t any better for painters and tuners. The creative hub system, the horizon life levels, the sharing/rewards system and the featured tunes/designs still have bugs, glitches, inaccuracies and just overall bad or illogical designs as to how things work. They have been this way for painters and tuners since launch and nothing significant has been done to address these issues, even though the community has brought it up and discussed it with the appropriate people multiple times. Things are so bad that some long time painters have given up on painting in Horizon 4 and the paint scene is nearly dead compared to how it was at this stage in the life of previous Forza games.


Indeed Wildcat, I’m astonished by what happened. Even FM7, which got a lot of criticism, had new quality stuff coming very often by this time of the year.

The “catalyst”, so to speak, was that we had a wheel paint update that broke old designs and Playground has refused to address the issue in any way. The problem with their approach is that there were many people with 100+ designs in their Storefront already, many of which brought from FM7 and earlier, and every design with custom wheel paint was broken by the update, forcing these people to delete the old designs and reupload them, which is too much work for little benefit.

Some painters left because of it, I thought it was an overreaction but I understand their point. Lots of things in this game are frustrating in the UI, the worst of which being the Auction House, which makes it such a hassle to relist cars or delete what we can’t sell that I seldom bother with it anymore outside of selling GT-Rs [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] and other desired cars.

Forza Horizon 4 is fun to drive cars around in, which is why I still play it. I love the graphics and the driving. But it’s not fun to do anything else in. If their new RPG is like FH4 in terms of features it’s gonna bomb HARD and they won’t have the Forza name to hide behind should things go very wrong for them.

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There is a lot of work to be done to bring it up to where it should be. To over-ride the money grab ones long term requires a more complex system for setting value and experience on a route. It would need to really need to make use of the driving line to determine speeds and such, then compare the driving line distance with an as the bird flies.

So it does distance, and slow downs/speed ups change the value. So a simple and straight, but long course wouldn’t give much vs a shorter technical because it is using that route’s complexity to determine.

To prevent it from being exploited, the track then compare that distance to the “as the bird flies” checkpoint distance. So that difference becomes a modifier. If the checkpoint distance is 0.005 route distance, then that is the multiplier.

Now as for supporting creators, they are definitely working on said things. I noticed this with liveries. Used to only show the most downloaded, so new ones would be lost. But when i was in them the other day, the default showing first shows new trending, and then it will show the top ones further to the right. So now newer liveries can get noticed.

Now what can they do for the promotion and growth of creative routes outside of the cost change? Well it is two parts. First is there isn’t much you can do with newest as people get replaced. The Forza Staff isn’t able to go and try every route posted to see what is good. But they need to make better use of the PG Editors to showcase many more custom and real races. That is what everybody sees and it is how they will find route creators. The routecomp is the best way. But they need to really promote routecomp so people actually know it is there. Forum goers might not check the news and events. Know a few good route creators who never knew about the contests.

Streams, the horizon 4 section of forum, and I think in game notification. We have the loading splash posters, so a popup at a new series to “enter route comp now!” But awareness is only way.

That is where it falls on us players. We needed more people last contest, so got to enter, chat and ask how to improve. Also we need to promote ourselves and become easier to find. Let the other players lie V12SprungBoss has done so that the Forza Staff knows “Lets check that out”

Myself, I am not a big streamer or any form of social media personality without any intention of doing so as well. So they need to look outside of that. “Content Creator” is a term I dislike. It isn’t creating content, it is presenting content. Content Creator is somebody who makes the content. But that is just my personal opinion. I guess they make content for media, but isnt game content. Want good Mixer/Instagram/Youtube content, you go to somebody who makes content for those platforms. Want good in game content, you go to people who make it for that. You wouldn’t come to me to make a youtube video, why go to a youtube person to get stuff for in game?


@vaporisor … vaporisor my friend, it’s too late to save this game, Playground Games have lost control in almost every area. They took their eye off the ball and now the games is controlled by hackers, modders, cheats and pirates. Look at the aforementioned routes … in my one lobby tonight, I have screenshotted [if that’s a word] 11 invites to different multimillion, less than a minute races on Goliath, in 2 hours in 1 lobby on one day… every other guy/gal/neutral is exploiting. The route comp thing was the biggest fiasco since ‘The Mercy Incident’, the auction house is a money laundering business, in and out of game. Danger Zones leader boards with jumps so long that the landing area is back in Horizon 2; speed traps that Donald Campbell couldnt top. Throw in a well below par representation of the much loved RIVALS mode and what about online adventure? how bad is that compared with previous titles. playground games are too busy congratulating each other on another accolade or wasting time on petty things like coloured calipers and the likes; they have their priorities all wrong. If they were that concerned about all of our concerns, it would [or should be] all leave cancelled, all hands to the pump to regain control of their games, fix the issue, dump the cheats and reset the game … but no, you see them playing Apex or anthem or pokemon … that speaks volumes to me.

it pains me to see the way they have treated this beautiful game, this could have been a masterpiece, is should be awesome not awful. I think it’s too late, accept it as it is and for goodness sake get to work making FH 5 something we can all love and that they can be proud of.

it’s busted, well and truly busted.

Nah, never not worth it. I have fun making routes, people have fun driving them, so all is good on that front, but awareness is there is plenty of ability to improve it, and having that will be a good thing if/when horizon 5 comes out. A learning experience. I will continue as a player giving player feedback, and recent events show me the Forza staff is taking it seriously where it needs to be. If somebody tried exploit track, then take the screen, submit it and off it goes. Then up to them with what they do. Else it is a lot of man hours to manually deal with bug and record exploits. Gameplay will do more for the community than problems in the records. It has been a problem back since online game started and it will continue to be one for a long time.

Investment and reward

So for the forza people who have been actively reading, perhaps this is an idea for stream or for your streamers. Just make a pool of tracks that look like they have interesting routes, then you and a group of peeps can race them co-op on stream, or have a content creator race for feedback. It is both a multimedia event as well as a boost to the custom route feature pool.

I know we had the route creator tips and tricks, but I wonder if a route creator 411 style thread could be set up, sort of stoke the interests more in the forums here.

I would argue that the root cause is that this game locks so much stuff behind wheel spins and money that causes people to want to grind via easy/boring races, when the point of the game is that people should play it because it’s fun.

But just being fun is no longer part of modern game design. Games are now skinner boxes, designed with gameplay meant to get people to keep hitting the pellet dispenser for more “loot”. Even games that don’t charge for it (like this) are still driven by that idea that people have to be stimulated by gambling/random chance to play.


Horizon 4 is among the best things I have ever played but I must agree. Sometimes I think about the design more and it’s pretty clear that wheelspins are a bad decision. Still the best game. Today, I just checked some cool old cars and many were for 10 M! 10 M? OMG, that’s too much. I played from day -4 and earned about 20 M at max? That’s strange.

Totally agree with this, it’s the joint worst part of the game, it constantly trying to get you to do tedious activities instead of, perish the thought, actually being able to enjoy playing the game. The other joint worst part is of course the vast number of bugs that it seems will never get fixed.

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I make pretty good routes of all kinds. You can find some of them in my signature.

Well, that is the temptation, but hardly the cause. There will always and forever be an easiest anything as soon as you offer the option to customize. If it is even slightly easier than a normal race, it would be done. People would farm juggernaut if that was the easiest way and a hundred variants of it to eek out 10 credits more. So let those people do that. The loot spins and all that and whatever it is, is irrelevant It is a fun reward and hardly a mandatory entitlement. If any shame, the fact they have it in the first place is only detrimental because it is just easy fun. Then the negative idea that it needs to be manditory. That being caused by the need for instant gratification with no effort. It isn’t the game’s fault, it is the player. The wheelspins I find fun to spin up because they are supposed to be just something fun, a side bonus in a racing game.

But all of that is separate from the intent I got from the original message.

How to promote and make more visible solid route creation and help people find good route creators?

The best way is expanding what gets shown in the PG Editor’s choice list. Then you can get into other stuff where new custom routes show first before everything else. Only custom routes, not the variant of origin route. So the money ones getting spammed disappear fast, and those who want to follow route creators and put the effort in have the advantage. Then good routes will stay up. The lists will build, easy money will be gone. if the idea that I suggested is feasable, then easy money won’t even be possible.

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Well, what did you expect when the community seasonal races use exploit maps as a race? If I want the AI to pile up in turn one I would create my own route for it. Skills are the last thing they want in the game, anyone with decent driving skills are targeted for bullying. I have literal stalkers in this game, not because I’m a wrecker and smasher, I use clean driving to pass people. My entertainment from this game now comes solely from driving in last place and teasing my stalkers with that much sought after wreck they intend.
Creep up just enough to get them excited, and when they yank the wheel hard I tap the breaks, robbing of them of their true goal. Granted, this causes rage quitting by my team unless my stalkers are on the same team.
When they complain, I simply tell them to post to the forums or put in a support ticket to get the devs to force me into letting them smash into me the entire race.
The devs wanted the wreckers and smashers, they can deal with their whining about me.


Series 5 had decent community routes (head swollen) but series 6 had serious problems prior to the series launching. These have been well expressed and detailed elsewhere. The series are set up in advance so all of series 6’s tracks were in place before it even went live. Will see what happens with series 7. There had been no contest for series 7 so it is tough to say what will be used whether it will be ones found over time or from previous competitions.

Worst case though is shortsighted ending of the community championships without ever taking the time to refine and do it well. The having brand new tracks every week is a huge boon so cannot fathom that, but been surprised before.

But if want a fun championship, then just run mine :wink:

I would hate to see the go away myself. There are wuality tracks from the community, if I remember right from an earlier comment of mine, your track was quite enjoyable snd well laid out. I don’t really like racing AI’s but I will probably explore more of your tracks. Don’t want your head to grow too much over one track lol.
Hopefully, they actually test drive the tracks before releasing them. I like the community championships, but they need quality tracks, not pile the AI up in turn two.