Blueprint Bucket List Competition

I have had a ton of fun and occasionally pretty serious raging moments ever since Forza Horizon 2 introduced us to the bucket list challenges. Who wouldn’t remember the good old times you had to hit restart for the 100th time when you crashed into a tree while driving Lancia Delta S4 through the forest at night? Now while you’re able to create your own challenges, I’ve deciced to throw you all a little competition.

Let your creativity loose and make your own blueprint bucket list challenge for me to try out. HINT: I’ll get very sad if I don’t beat you :wink: Pick your most unique car, route and objective compination and when you think you’ve hit a jackpot, add me LosMuheros as a friend in Xbox Live, share the challenge with me and post here you’ve done that. Every competitor can enter with three different challenges and I promise to test them all out. Deadline for entering is October 16th, 12:00 AM UTC/GMT, from then on I’ll finish trying the remaining challenges. So you can expect the final results after that.

Then you ask yourself why would I do all this for nothing? You don’t! I reward my three (subject to change) favourite blueprint bucket list challenges/competitors with Xbox themed prizes (too bad you can’t gift cars or credits in Forza Horizon 3, or can you?):

1st place: 10 USD Xbox Gift Card
2nd place: 1 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership
3rd place: Max - The Curse of Brotherhood for Xbox 360 (subject to change, haha!)

  • maybe some surprise prizes

See you in Australia, mate!

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PocketPoncho UK - Small Car Big Jump


I havent tried making my own blueprints yet, still exploring.
But I thought I would make a fun one. I have shared the blueprint with you (hopefully it worked) lol.

Might need some tweaking though :wink: