blizzard mountaini barn find

all my friends have had their barn find revealed and i have not. i have completed king of the mountain and got at least 2 stars on most of the pr stunts. my barn find is not revealing itself. i wonder if it has to do with my mainland game no longer giving me drivatar lineup changes, ever since i got all my bucket list completed and 3 stars on all my bucket list i no longer gt drivatar line up invites. so anyway why am i not getting my blizzard mountain barn find. ps pleas dottell me to do more stuff in the game my frinds have gotten their barn find with far less progress than i have made ty and have a nice day

This is my exact situation/issue as well: no drivatar recruitment missions on the mainland, and no barn find mission on BM. Like you, I’ve been wondering if the two problems are connected.

I really hope we can get some kind of response/solution on this.