Blizzard Mountain versions

Hello!Newbie here and I really cant understand whats the difference between the 19,99 euro and the 30 euro version of the Blizzard Mountain DLC.

Whats the expansion pass that I get extra in the pricy version?I paid for it because I thought it also had extra cars.

More expensive version includes a second expansion pack due in 2017…

blizzard Mountain can be purchased standalone.

You can also purchase the expansion pass which includes blizzard mountain and one other expansion (yet unannounced) to be released in 2017 (probably before the end of Q2).
The expansion pass provides you two expansions for a price that is slightly less than if you bought them both separately.

NOT REAL VALUES: too lazy to look those up, JUST AN EXAMPLE:
Expansion Pass: $50
Expansion 1: $30
Expansion 2: $30

Both expansions purchased cost $60. The Expansion pass saves you $10 and you get the same thing…

Expansion 1: $20Expansion 2: $20Expansion Pass: $35 for two Expansions ($5 savings)

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