Blizzard Mountain - notification for your car NOT having snow tyres


I just bought the Season Pass recently and it has Blizzard Mountain expansion, so I went there.

In the beginning, when I wanted to race a car that doesn’t have snow tyres, there would be a popup notifcation of 3 options - 1 - yes, fit them for me now, 2) no don’t fit any and 3) No, Don’t fit any and don’t ask me again.

I must have clicked number 3 by accident during one of these times, as I no longer see this popup anymore, EVEN IF I DELIBERATELY CHOSE a car without snow tyres.

How do I get this notification back? I have quit-ted many races just to dash back to the festival garage to fit the snow tyres on my selected car before going back to the race location to re-start the race.

And no, my cars do NOT automatically get snow tyres fitted, I did search google and these forums but apparently it doesn’t happen to cars I have not yet brought over from Byron Bay.

Any car that you have fitted with rally tyres should automatily be fitted snow tyres most times.

Pretty sure you can’t turn the notification back on. Besides, I’ve found you can have plenty of fun racing lower powered cars on stock tires on the mountain.