Blizzard Mountain Expansion championship races

Does anyone know when they unlock ie how many stars do you need to do championship races just says keep playing to unlock

There is only one race, it is called Kingmaker. And you have to run all of the other races before it unlocks, IIRC

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If I remember correctly 128 stars unlocks the Kingmaker event

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When you get to 100 stars it unlocks the kingmaker event. You get the championship races after you win the kingmaker.

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Thanks for clearing that up. It was a long time ago for my 65 year old brain. And besides, I have been mainly playing Forza 5 to get my Tier points up to get to Tier 10, which I finally made.


Was thinking i had to win that give me a year to do that lol dam drivatars are so hardvto beat on unbeatable altho i done all other races on blizzard mountain on unbeatable avi players and got them even if it took me a weekend lol