Blizzard Mountai

I purchased the expansion for blizzard mountain and didn’t get any of the cars with it

I’ve tried going to the DLC cars tab and only 3 cars show up and they aren’t free I have to pay with in game credits for them.

Any one else having this issue?

Have you tried hard resetting/ cold booting your console properly yet

Did you filter the cars according to price

Did the hard rest, looked in the dlc cars and in the auto show filtered by value and still nothing :pensive:

Did you play it yet?

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If I remember correctly, you get one car to choose for free, when you go first time to BM, and others can be bought from the autoshow (view all tab).

Oh do they not come with the blizzard mountain expansion for free? I can see 4 out of the 8 cars in the auto show but that’s it

Block’s Focus is won after beating Blizzard Mountain King Race, Ram Runner HE get all stars, International is Barn Find. The others should be free in the autoshow room.


Oh ok didn’t know you had to win some of them but the other ones that are showing up in the auto show aren’t free I’ve hard rest even deleted the save file and downloaded it again and nothing :pensive: