BlackTuned.. (Serious racers, drifters, no drag tunes)

I’ve decided to start taking public requests for tunes, the vehicle doesn’t matter.

I’ve released tunes on the store but those where actually just severely detuned versions of the originals with massive wheels and extra weight.

I will tune:
Race/Endurance/Drift/Rain Tuning
I will not tune:

Add me on Xbox live if you have questions, etc.


BlackTuned cars have officially at some point ranked #1 on every track in Forza 6. To commemorate this occasion I have decided to offer my tuning services to the public.
I will be happy to answer general tuning questions, however I will not share exact figures or give you some “Cookie Cutter” specifics because despite all the videos that claim the contrary, every single vehicle is different. People approach tuning in one or both of two ways:

Ballparking a base tune using personal driving experience… (95% of the tuners out there… Someone fumbling around in the dark with the prospect that a tune acclimated for one will suit the masses…)
Basic, limited Mathmatics/Telemitry… (Such as calculating proper spring rates from a formula)…
Pure Mathmatics/Vehicle Telemitry/Logic… (My approach… Calculated, correct. Every time… Tires to Aero to Differential, no exceptions…)

When I enter a public A class lobby I see the same sketchy highway missiles driven by someone determined… You can practice determined and see what state you reach, but that state will never exceed above average…

For instance:
Front Engine/FWD
Front Engine/RWD
Front Engine/AWD

These top three are the most commonly used cars in competitive racing amongst novice/amateur drivers. Reason is simple, these cars are easiest to tune and have predictable driving characteristics compared to other chassis/engine configurations found in most exotic/high tier performance vehicles, Why limit yourself? After all, there are supercars available, right?

BlackTuned, this title encompasses a tuning ethos, not my best guess…

I will tune: Track vehicles of any type/Drift vehicles of any type… With every track tune I will include a WWT (Wet Weather Tune)

I will not tune:

My gamertag is BlackFiveOnKill…

Im looking for a good tune for the Terradyna gurkha or hummer. thanks

Number 1 on every track? In what class?

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Man, that ego…

Dat ego :slight_smile: