Black Smoke diesel trucks, cars and anything diesel

What do you guys think about when you put race exhaust pipes on diesel cars, trucks and bukkies let it roar black smoke from the exhaust pipe for all us diesel guys :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


make them run inefficiently and spit out unburnt fuel?


Its a video game. T10 should add this. Better to have people belting out clouds of soot in game rathen than down the street irl.

I do find it funny though, some of the highest hp/tq diesel engines in the world, roll coal. Yet all these kids on here [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] talk about things they dont understand, saying it is bad for the engine. Haha as a diesel mechanic i can tell you first hand that it is not necessarily BAD for them. It simply deletes d.e.f thus saving owners money. Yea its annoying from time to time but who the hell cares? P.s. its not bad for the environment either. Not nearly as bad as an ethanol plant running its daily production of “cleaner fuel” hahha


Facts, and I know this because some of my buds do the diesel world championships you can watch on youtube if you search it. Lack of knowledge is abundant on these forums.

Rolling coal was around way before DEF was. This is not the primary cause of rolling coal. My boss and a bunch of his tuner friends had diesel trucks, they were all tuned for performance and none of them rolled coal unless that was the program they were running. It may not truly have negative effects to the vehicle but it is also not beneficial to the vehicle. I would venture to guess that its not good for the injectors/pistons but I am also not a trained diesel tech. They may also have rolled coal on a different program like a towing program which has other duties and didnt focus on the efficiency of the burn (such as keeping rpms higher, or having a better engine brake)

Sooo, it IS bad? Just because it’s annoying doesn’t mean you have to lie.


I hate it.

When they are pouring out black smoke that is unburnt fuel. It is waistful, Bad for the enviroment, and you get more HP and fuel economy if you properly tune it to not spit out a ton of black smoke.

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Something tells me car makes (Hummer, etc.) don’t want their vehicles represented in videogames as if they’re having problems with the air/fuel mixture, causing black smoke.

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All cars should belch out smoke and fire. Especially the electric cars. ;D


Is that a dig at Tesla?:rofl:

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I can’t remember the last time I saw a Jetta or Mercedes diesel spewing black smoke. Even the big racing trucks don’t do it. This whole idea is unrealistic.


I disagree. I think it’s funrealistic.


Guys look at the TDI cars and diesel trucks on youtube they do smoke black smoke

@Stang616 look at the older Diesel Jetters and Mercedes do smoke black smoke with straight exhaust pipe with no silencer boxes

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No not true this is a effect caused by air fuel mix and has nothing at all to do with the type of exhaust system but is done as a effect by changing the air fuel mix to rich the more diesel fuel added the thicker and blacker the smoke . Some Losser thought it was a good idea and as usual Monkey see Monkey do.

The black smoke is just a sign that the engine is not getting enough air for the amount of fuel that is being supplied. This can be solved by tuning it to provide the correct amount of fuel, or letting more air into the engine.


I did. They don’t.

When a diesel smokes its called Rolling Coal

I can barely see through the white smoke, we don’t need blinding black smoke. It’s really bad in some of the views. Should not be punished for using in cars views.

Not specifically, no.

But if there’s white smoke AND black smoke they’ll cancel each other out. That’s gotta be how it works!


Hence why I call chase cam an assist even tho forza doesnt.