Black screen flashes before arcade start / in freeroam

Hey all,

I was wondering if anybody else experiences a black screen sometimes for like 2 seconds at the start of an arcade event. I am on PC and wonder if reinstalling is worth it. It also happens sometimes in freeroam. I notice that players also dissapear or different ones appear after this.

temps are fine and battlefield 5 doesnt do this.

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I get this and had the same thing in Forza 4 as well - screen goes black for a second or two then the game comes back although it seems like the frame rate drops slightly from that point…

Aah thanks for your input. I thought it was my PC, but then again other windows store games like back4blood dont do this.

I’ve started to have this issue today. Full screen racing around in freeroam and the screen goes black for 1 second then returns and the frames drop for 1-2 seconds then its normal. Although this happens every 3-5 minutes?

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