Black Friday H-24 : How much CR did you spare ? What will you buy ?

Heya !

Black Friday -30% is coming tomorrow !

So, have you been able to save some hard earned money for it ^^ ?
Will you grab all of the 5+ millions cars ?
Want to buy something in particular ?

I’m personally grinding goliath for more than 2 weeks now and saved 92M CR.
I hope it’ll be enough to buy almost everything.

What about you !?

I already own the ten most expensive cars in the game, though I bought them before learning about the sale. I have over 24m credits currently, and will be adding to that today before the sale officially starts. Once the sale begins, I’ll be buying the highest-priced cars I don’t own yet first, and buy as many of them as my finances will allow.

Wait, you bought all of the 10 & 8 millions cars full price ?

5% off with perk, but yes, close to it. But that was BEFORE I found out about the sale.

All cars will be 30% off tomorrow? Welp I bought P1 and One:1 yesterday.

Haha you’re not the only one. I recently splurged on a Veneno and a Centenario.

Auction house has had black Friday prices for weeks :wink:

We want brand new cars & our name in car history here :smiley: !!

I only have 22 cars left to buy… I have 395 cars worth 111.6M in the garage already …

According to my calcs (spreadsheet) with the 30% discount and 5% made for you perk in need 62.45M to buy the rest…

After Grinding Goliath at 1.2M CR/Hour I currently have 67M and 999 Skill Perk Points I need 220 tomorrow to get the extra 5% of each purchase - Happy days :slight_smile:

I also have an unknown number of wheelspins to use when the next batch of HE cars are released - I have got all the current ones and the only one I had to buy was the HE Race Raptor…

I have about 13 mil and have no intention of collecting all cars. A quick browse of the cars that l really want netted in at about 6 mil so l think lm very much set. I’ll “reset” my bank account by spending the rest into whatever catches my eye or into something l can turn in for profit into AH after the sale.

I like getting back to low credits and starting to work up the money again.

For the high priced stuff I already have the Ferrari 250 LM, 250 GTO and California. I should have enough to get the Ferrari 250 Testa Rosa, Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, Shelby Daytona and Cobra. After that I will have everything I really want. I have about 300 cars already as is and most will never be driven.

What time does it start? It’s now close to 02:00 GMT and I looked for some discounts in the Autoshow and so far it’s a no show. You guys are talking about in game CR discounts not DLC ones aren’t you?

Or, maybe it’s a regional thing. North American customers only?

Go to social and check the forzathon tile. It has not started yet.

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I went for sanity and actually played other games and got some sun as well (unusual for me).

I have 32m. Only car i want is the Shelby. After that dont know and dont care.

This game is not encouraging me to stick at it.

Unbalanced xp / credit earning rates and not many tracks that i like.

There should be more normal cross country and fewer airborne/waterborne tracks.


How do you know it’s gonna be a black Friday sale? I don’t see an official post her or in forzahub

Read week in review from late october.

Ah, it’s a Forzathon. It’ll be on all weekend - not just Friday. Thanks Ed!

Thank you

IT’S Friday already and no sale…, too good to be true