Black flags, suspension

Bad driving to be recognised and delt with.

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Racing simulator must have this or is forza trying to be arcade?

If Forza had it, it would be part of the 1% of racing games that does, because virtually nothing else has black flags, including main competitor Gran Turismo. I’ve not read of the much-hyped Project CARS having this, either. If black flags are the difference between sim and arcade, pretty much everything is arcade.

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Would be cool if there was a way to do it. Don’t see how you can write a program that’ll cover every instance where a black flag is or isn’t justified.

I suppose you could have it set to black flag in extreme circumstances like prolonged wall riding or when no effort is made to slow down for corners and extreme corner cutting.

Else, coming in hot to a corner on accident or because lack of drivers skill/knowledge and minor corner cutting and such would be subjective and may hurt the racing product.

Anyone have a realistic idea how this could work?


I don’t believe it would be possible to program a perfect black flag system, but like Swerve mentioned maybe it could be utilized for extreme circumstances. Black flagging racers might work on that front if the game can recognize excessive wall riding or hitting cars at high speed as well as excessive corner cutting.

Driving mistakes will happen so maybe there could be a three strike system, for example if you excessively cut a corner three times you’d get flagged.

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Any penalty system whether its flags or time based is much needed and welcome imo.

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