Bigtime muscle [88bg] club - musclecar trivia contest - "nothin' but the tail lights" ;]



Anyone need to bank up some extra credits ? Anyone like to win stuff ? Credits? Exclusive Prize Cars? If the answer is yes to any or all of these, then lets get to it !!
BIGTIME MUSCLE Club is starting a trivia contest thread. Muscle car trivia. Here’s how we’re gonna play…

I will post a trivia question - first one to answer correctly win_s 25 million_ - rack up 3 wins and you get 50 million and choice of prize car Prize cars will be updated/changed as room permits in the paint booth =] Now…I know no one knows more about car trivia than “Car Guys”, and we all know there can be conflicting opinions on said facts, so…for the purpose of this contest, and so there will no debating or conflicts, you know, keepin it all friendly. In order to win, you will “matching” info I have from my sources. In the lines of keeping it fair, if you win a trivia post, you must sit out the next contest question. Rack up 3 wins total and win bigger =]

Trivia Contest Exclusive


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Question 1.

All 1969 Chevrolet passenger-car, big-block engines were painted orange at the factory with one exception. Name which, models installed in and total number of each model installed.

Q1: ZL1 427 in Camaros…69 of them. And Corvettes. 2 of them.

Well that was quick - We have winner no. 1 - PocketPoncho UK.

Pocket, you sit this one out.

Question 2.
What was the first small-block equipped with a factory installed Holley 4-barrel ? year and model installed in ?

Thanks for doing this Iroc…the first two questions posted have already shown me I know way less about cars than I thought I did. Good luck to all who give this a shot.

57 t bird?

GM small-block, sorry.

L79 327, 1965 Chevelle

I think it was the 57 vette or 63 vette that came with 4 barel idk just a big guess lol

Grey Irocz up for 25million for Question 1 answer, thank you.

Iknow its the 64 327 but i think its the corvette that it was put in before they put it in the chevelle. cant find it in my book collection though as mine is mainly on mopars lol

We have our next winner. wWx CUDA wWw.
64 Corvette L76 327. Cuda, put a grey IROCZ up for 25 million. Congrats. Next question will posted soon.

Question 3.
Throw out an easy one here - What was the original planned name GM had in mind for the Camaro?
CUDA, you sit this one out.

Press conference held June 29th 1966 to bury the planned name " Panther " and announced the new name " Camaro "

Also wanted GM in the original name which morphed into Gmini, GEmini, then Gemini, but they changed their minds and didnt wanted the GM in the name incase it was a flop.

hmm oh btw the engine code for the non orange engine I think was L88

Ive done some homework im thinking chaparral but they had names like pather and wildcat but i see that the pre release car name is chaparral . So i hope im right .

Thanks CB, for joining in. We have our next winner! Totally appreciate and welcome any added info or trivia any of you guys find along the way. See, boys and girls, we ARE going to learn some stuff along the way :slight_smile: Put me up a grey IROCZ :slight_smile:
CB, you sit the next one out.

Thanks Kool, Car is up in A.H. Contest exclusive cars are ALL very nice. People are going to have a difficult time choosing.

OK, last one for today.
Question 4
2014 - 50th anniversary of the Pontiac GTO - what does GTO stand for?