BIGTIME MUSCLE [88bg] - "A" day at the ZOO ;]


A Class - Indianapolis GP

Any car with an animal/critter/creature name ;] Brand, model, nickname, anything to do with an animal =]


Clean laps - label replays “ZOO”

Would love to see each participant post 2, 3 maybe 4 ;] different cars tried - let’s see which Beast is the best in the game ;] Lets have some fun with this one =]

Once a particular year/model of a car has been chosen and used - it can NOT be used by anyone else :wink:

I’ll kick things off with, what I’m sure will not be our quickest, but it is fun to throw around ;]

Mitsubishi Colt - 1:35.738




So…let’s go huntin’ or maybe stop by the petting zoo, there’s plenty of critters to find =]


99 Viper GTS ACR 473 hp near stock settings no aero 1.33.584 for a quick go round

Quick strike with the Viper :wink: Really thought for sure D, that you would first saddle up the 78 Mustang :wink:

quite a few to choose from even on those alone … I was gonna go impala first had 2 to choose from there too …

1:41.281- not bad for a hatchback from the mid-Sixties =3)
replay up
best lap was 4

Another snake, huh :wink: Looks like the Reptile house is getting picked over :smirk:

Let’s add one more rule :wink:

Once an “animal” / particular car has been picked - no one else may use it - one way to get a variety of animals in our exhibit :wink:

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Ok, how about a Fish? ;^)

T0rque’s 1971 “440” Plymouth 'cuda: 1:33.101

too late, T0rque!

…too late ;^)

So if one person uses one mustang another year mustang can’t be used?

That particular model of Mustang can’t be used again - all Mustangs can be used, but only once for each specific year/model

The beetles a creature… right?

My current time 1:33.613

Time update - 1:31.311

Looks like i’m stickin with creatures that Voldemortt might be feedin to the family pet … :wink:

My current time 1:33.669 =)

Time update for the Super Bee - 1:32.513

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Time update - 1:31.311 on lap 8

Have always loved the Zoo!! =)

Just started doing some laps on this challenge in the 69 firebird trans am so far my best lap is 1:36:241 would have had a faster time but just as I was about to get the new time my Xbox froze. However I did get some nice pics for you guys

VW Rabbit - 1:33.401 lap 2

My first pick was the Shelby Cobra
Lap 9 - 1:30.284 - much more in IT
2nd pick, the Austin Healey Sprite MK l “Frogeye”
Lap 4 - 1:31.994 - car is max A class PI 580

You’re on fire, Rob :+1: Thanks for joining in :wink:

“Hoppin” good time, WG :+1: Thanks for stoppin back :grinning:

Excellent times, Titus :+1: Sprite, Huh ?? :wink: I hadn’t thought of that one :wink: Very creative choice :+1:

We love photos :wink: Post pics as time allows :ok_hand:

too bad we can’t use the Camaro’s intended name :frowning:

What was it supposed to be?