BiggLou55's "Lou-ne-tunes" List of FM5 Tunes

I was (and still am) a tuner in FM4, and I recently took the plunge into XB1/FM5 back in mid-July. Now that I’ve had some time with FM5, I’ve put together the start of my tuning library (linked below). Lou-ne-tunes was a name given to me by one of my club mates in FM4, but my tunes are not loony, as the name would suggest. At least not in a silly way :wink: . With my tunes, I work to balance grip, speed, quickness and braking. I prefer responsive chassis, just enough throttle over-steer to change direction (but not so much that the backend is constantly sliding out) and the ability to trail-brake, with a touch of off-throttle drift. Since I do not use Manual w/ Clutch most of the time (I can do Mw/C pretty well, I just prefer Manual - My old hands cannot handle the stress LOL), I usually build in shift speed to my tunes as well.

Lou-ne-tunes list of FM5 tunes (updated regularly):
Feel free to leave comments on the tunes in the file, and don’t forget to like the tune in game (assuming you like the tune of course)

My Assists:
Normal Steering, Braking Line only, & Manual. All other assists are off.
I also use a standard XB1 Controller (oh how I wish I could use my Fanatec CSR set-up on XB1/FM5)

Q & A:

Q: Are your tunes LB tunes?
A: Yes, they will set a time on the LB :wink: , but as far as getting you in the top 100, I don’t know (that’s a combination of driver skill, the car, AND the build/tune). My goal is not to set top 100 times, but my tunes are capable of breaking into the top 2000 with me at the wheel (probably higher with a better driver). My goal is creating builds/tunes that are fun to drive in career, rivals and lobbies. BUT… If you set a top 1000 LB time with one of my tunes, let me know. :wink: The only tune I have that has set a top 1000 tine is my Mazda USF2000 A-Class build on Catalunya (904th last time I looked). I have some top 2000 times as well…

Q: Do you take tuning requests?
A: You are free to post your request here or send it to me in a PM; however, I make no guarantee that I will get to it (especially if it’s an expensive car and I don’t already own it). If you need specific parts included, be sure to specify them in your request please.

Q: I really like your tunes. Do you have a Lou-ne-tunes vinyl?
A: Yep - I also have some liveries. If you follow me as a creator, you should be able to find them pretty easily.

Lou is definitely a great tuner. I have tried almost every single tune he has released and all of them are tight and easy to drive. I highly recommend checking out some of his tunes because they are great for both lobby racing and time attack type racing.

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I have some new tunes that are up, but work has been crazy… I will be syncing my list of tunes with in-game availability over the long weekend…

I have a '69 Nova and a '67 Chevelle tune up for the September Bounty Hunter. I was able to post a 2:26.x time with both tunes… Currently on the LB with the '69 Nova with a 2:26.018. My previous time was with the Chevelle and it was a mid… Both tunes are capable of running in the range and have decent grip with just enough looseness to change direction and maintain quickness through the turns…

I am working on getting my spread sheet up to date for my tunes (I have a ton of them).

I’ve also developed my on web based tuning calculator: U2SC Forza Tuner

I will be adding a build sheet and print feature so you can print out and/or save/share your builds.