Bigger tires make less grip?

I have the '96 skyline V-epec S1 class 854. No engine or chassis changes. Last night I had the car tuned perfectly, no Understeer and no Oversteer. Today I changed the stock tires with the biggest ones available, and no all of a sudden it has crazy Oversteer that I can’t fix without loosing a ton of acceleration. Shouldn’t the bigger tires make it more grippy, not less? Makes no sense. Should I just change them to a smaller tire? Maybe the biggest ones are just too big? What gives?

Depends what you are calling oversteer. It’s possible the rear now has more “drive”.

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As in now it wants to fishtail every time I go around corners. Tight technical one and long sweeping one. Chicanes, S-cur es, it doesn’t matter. I have to feather the throttle just to keep it cornering evenly.

Is the car more responsive in the front? If so then the tires are doing what they are supposed to and you are used to understeer and didn’t realize it.

To negate this, add rear tire width. It may fix the issue or make the car grip too much in the rear

Since its awd, you can also move the power to the front with the race differential. More power to the front = more understeer.

Tyre’s too cold maybe. I deliberate put narrow tyres on some stuff if I’m only playing through chicanes on the map, etc, because otherwise they never warm up enough.