Big problem today forza motorsport 6 by update 3 times why

I no happy update 3 times problem FM6 crash restart lose …
Is there a problem with the digital copy of forza at the moment cause doesn’t seem to want to load it goes onto home screen then it just freezes and backs back out of game.
Can anyone help with this ???

when was the last time you hard reset your console

see one of Snowowl’s posts on how to hard reset your console properly

If you’re being offered the same update three times, either you are attempting to play too early (“Ready to play” should be ignored) or something isn’t correct on your system.

I would suggest (from below), before attempting to update again, do a hard reset of your console, do nothing else (no games, music, etc.) during the update and wait until 100% complete.

Please check my post here:

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