Big Problem! Please help

Ok, after a day or so of not playing I decided to play some forza 4…
to my horror I get a error message saying I cannot continue because my profile has been tampered! After my eyes got as big as saucers I tried other games and even tried to download games with gold. Everything else worked, I got no error saying I had a problem from ms or nothing. Figuring this was a mistake I tried again… nope same thing!
I cleared cache restarted, shifted my save over to my other 2 storages… nothing

I looked this up and found it as a problem for forza 3 many years ago that they patched. what in the world do I do?? I am level 65 with 120 cars, pretty much all dlc and vip. I don’t want to start all over.

Some one please help me with this

Thank you

So there is no help for this? I have no errors or exclamation points on anything in forza 4, i didn’t mod anything or shut down wrong. So all of my stuff is gone for absolutely no reason? I’ve been playing this game for months and one of the few days i don’t play the game just decides to corrupt my save and theres nothing that can be done??

Not sure I can be of any help as never had this message on any of the Forza’s myself - just checking this bit of your post though - if you copied your save at any stage, rather than ‘moved’ it, I believe that will trigger the message for you.

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I already got the message and then tried to move the saves around to see if maybe my regular 360 hd had a problem. I didn’t do anything to the save at all before this. The only things I’ve read that cause this problem from what i’ve seen is closing out wrong, modding ect. I haven’t done any modding at all. I haven’t even got anything at the auction lately because im saving up credits. I’ve tried other games and saves and nothing is wrong. No one even uses the 360 but me, so only one account. There’s no problems at all from what i can see and yet forza 4 is telling the save is messed. Yet i have no errors being shown on the storage. This is beyond frustration and not a good start to the weekend heh. Thanks for the help though

add me on live I can give a bit of a boost If you have to restart the game. I had to on forza 2 because my HD wend out and on three because someone at my house deleted my save to dowload a demo… I had a full garage and tons of money on both lol. People helped me get back up my feet so I more then happy to pass it along man :wink:

You didn’t use the cloud, did you?

Ouch… I know how that can be.

Thankfully the only issue I’ve ever had like that with a Forza title was an issue where car setup files became corrupted… To fix that, I had to delete the file containing all the setups, but found that it didn’t clear the setups currently applied to the cars, only the saved setups, so it was like only finding the garage office on fire, instead of the cars as well… Coming back from that wasn’t too terrible.

This, though… Ugh. If you’re forced to restart and I can be any help, let me know. Send me a message on live, add me, I’ll try to hook you up with some stuff. I’ve got 10m worth of cars I’ve been looking to offload, legit pieces I had picked up on auctions before—I’d be perfectly happy to hand them over to you. One of them at least might help you back towards an achievement or two, if you’re after those as well. We can run races, etc, if my internet won’t freak out and disconnect me. I hate being on the very edge of my ISP’s maximum range…


Looks like I actually have about 20m worth of cars to hand over to you, whenever we’re on at the same time preferably. The majority of them are higher end, S and above, like the R3 and R2 Pagani models, etc…but there are a couple of lower end machines, A and possibly one or two below. Might have several Lamborghini Miuras, capable C to A at least, if you want one or all of them.

Aside from that, I also made a car club and stuck 200 cars in the garage there, though a number of those are duplicates. Different paint schemes and setups put on cars I bought more than one of, including one or two model years of Corvette, numerous Mustangs, Javelins, Chargers, a couple other such things. A lot of the cars I shared are classics like those, but there are a few newer and higher class machines, too, I’m pretty sure. The setups may not be to your liking, and the paint jobs are all fairly standard, nothing fantastic or really out there, but at least none of them are completely stock, so there is that… The club name is “Stryker Industries”, if you’re interested. I’ll try to accept any applications to join in a timely manner, so whoever wants can take a look if they’re up for it.

EDIT: …why, exactly, do all of my posts keep getting moved around to other places? I try to post in one certain place, to carry on a conversation between one guy who is asking for help recovering from a corrupted save, some others who may be interested in helping him, and myself, but instead my posts end up scattered all over the place? What is up with that, Mr. Moderator? Can’t you just let the posts go through and end up where they were intended to be?

Thanks Cuda and Roger I will hit you guys up sometime if I cannot fix this… which is looking pretty grim at this point. I’ve tried everything i can think to do and nothing I read is very helpful. I’ve finished a good bit of races and almost done with year 8 of career. Really not looking forward redoing all this

and nope, no cloud save. I haven’t done a thing to alter the save or to the game file. Only think i’ve done is move the save around to storages after i kept getting the message.

Have a look at your Forza 4 save game and see if there is an exclamation :exclamation: warning on any of the saves.

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