Big online movie project

Hey guys, i´ve startet a big adventure and i hope you guys like it as we do.

Today i´m happy to announce the “Prelude Trailer” for my fan movie “Surfers Paradise”, the reasons for creating are very simple.

  • i love the forza franchise
  • there is a very big and cool community
  • i´ve to practise in sony vegas (most reason haha)
  • i´ve too much time right now

short story about:

the protagonist has restaurated his chevy, cool car, but to go an other way as most movies, i´ve let crashed his beauty.
after the crash he walked to surfers paradise, where he met the racing community - and thats the point for the movie (he met and meets ALL OF YOU)

the movie will begin at surfers paradise, with that background story, hope you guys like it.

have fun! :slight_smile:YOUTUBE VID

he guys, i´m still looking for some acts for the movie in horizon 3.

check out the trailer and feel free to add me: PA Wangan

Surfers Paradise Trailer