Big mistake on Horizon

Hoping this doesn’t upset the kind of odd TOS this forum has, but I’m playing my copy of Horizon and just noticed it won’t let me enter the Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex in the Green wristband event “Fatlace Hot Hatch Hustle.”

I can only assume this is a rookie mistake by someone who knows more about game design and less about cars at Turn 10, because in previous Forza games this car WAS classified as a HATCH. I mean, it’s pretty obvious. It’s ony the most Iconic car from Initial D. I got this game and the season pass on Sale, and now I’m thankful I did.

I know a patch is out of the question, but I would just like to point this out to hopefully help Turn 10 make better games. While it’s true it isn’t it that big a deal, it’s also hard to lend credit and praise when this isn’t the first game they have made, and they misclassified a car. Will turn 10 see this or should I shoot them an e-mail?

Again, hopefully I’m not breaking any silly rules or anything, just trying to point out this {Mod edit - WSD, Profanity or implied profanity is against tos]

Thanks for the info.